Large Network of Specialists

40,000 square metres of carpet, 1,800 toilets and 220 tons of paint: MEYER WERFT needs a lot of material for the construction of its ocean liners. That’s why we have a strong network of local and international suppliers.

We always establish trusting partnerships, because we can only consistently set new standards in technology, design and quality by collaborating with our partners.

Become a Supplier

Up to 75 % of MEYER's ships are made up of the value added by our suppliers. Reliable quality, close cooperation, service, innovative thinking and flexibility are some of the characteristics that can lead to long-term partnerships. That is our goal. Do you see yourself reflected in this? Then apply with information about your company and your products.

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Code of Conduct

All contracts agreed between the MEYER Group and its affiliates contain a Code of Conduct, obliging suppliers to comply with the regulations stipulated in our Social Charter.


General Supplier Requirements

By means of the General Supplier Requirements (GSR), we would like to work together with you, as our suppliers, to ensure that ship projects are completed in accordance with qualitative, ethical and ecological principles. In this context, it is the goal for our suppliers to fulfill the requirements of the GSR and, if necessary, to work together on measures to comprehensively meet the requirements. The GSR are available for download here and will also be submitted to you by our procurement department if required for your contract.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we screen our suppliers?

Modern shipbuilding is all about teamwork, which means our success also depends on our suppliers. We like to get to know our partners beforehand to make sure our cooperation can get off to a flying start. That’s why our Supplier Management department will ask you to firstly provide general information about your company. You will also have to attach the relevant certificates and documents for your line of work. If everything is approved, you will then have to go through a qualification test process with all your future contacts at MEYER WERFT. This initial exchange of information can be quite time-consuming, but our partners are generally rewarded with long-term cooperation perspectives.

How do I register my staff?

More information on signing staff in and out can be found in the Access to the Shipyard section.

Can the employees of suppliers use the common rooms at the shipyard?

Yes. Workers employed by our suppliers can use our staff rooms, sanitary facilities and lockers. We charge a flat rate of 1.50 EUR / person / day.

Where can I park?

MEYER WERFT has a car park with 600 spaces for its suppliers. It can be accessed via Bokeler Straße. Please allow plenty of time to find a parking space – the use of the car park and access road can vary significantly

Should I announce my delivery?

Yes. Please register your delivery, so that we can plan accordingly and ensure quick unloading. Please let us know the delivery date and share any specific details, such as if you’ll need a crane. You can do this by sending an informal email to our Incoming Goods department:

To which address can I deliver?

All deliveries are handled at the new logistics centre. You find the logistics centre at Hofer Weg in 26871 in Papenburg. The access route is via Rheiderlandstraße.

When can I deliver?

We accept goods at our logistics centre from Mondays to Fridays between 7am and 5pm. Other times apply on public holidays, at weekends and during company holidays. If you would like to make a delivery outside our regular opening hours, please send a short email to All other information on deliveries can be found in our Delivery Guidelines. The delivery guidelines are currently being revised with references to the new logistics centre.

How can I confirm an order?

Please use the following email address for order confirmations:

Can I also send my invoice via email?

Yes. This is possible, but you will first have to register for digital invoice processing. You can do this by sending an email to Your email must contain the following information: company name, company address, VAT Number, bank details with IBAN and BIC, contact for enquiries, and email address for invoices. Please let us know which MEYER Group company you work for. If you work for several companies in our Group, please repeat this process for each company. This is necessary, because each company is a separate legal entity. Please send all invoices in PDF format to ensure their smooth processing.

How do I file a claim (additional costs, obstruction notice) against the shipyard?

  • Claims that you want to file against the shipyard (Incoming Claims) must be reported within three working days.
  • It is mandatory to use the claim notification form.
  • Send the completed claim notification form by e-mail to the technical manager AND to

Please note that failure to comply with these formal and deadline requirements will usually result in rejection of the claim.

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