Large Network of Specialists

40,000 square metres of carpet, 1,800 toilets and 220 tons of paint: MEYER WERFT needs a lot of material for the construction of its ocean liners. That’s why we have a strong network of local and international suppliers.

We always establish trusting partnerships, because we can only consistently set new standards in technology, design and quality by collaborating with our partners.

Become a Supplier

Up to 75 % of MEYER's ships are made up of the value added by our suppliers. Reliable quality, close cooperation, service, innovative thinking and flexibility are some of the characteristics that can lead to long-term partnerships. That is our goal. Do you see yourself reflected in this? Then apply with information about your company and your products.

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Code of Conduct

All contracts agreed between the MEYER Group and its affiliates contain a Code of Conduct, obliging suppliers to comply with the regulations stipulated in our Social Charter.


General Supplier Requirements

By means of the General Supplier Requirements (GSR), we would like to work together with you, as our suppliers, to ensure that ship projects are completed in accordance with qualitative, ethical and ecological principles. In this context, it is the goal for our suppliers to fulfill the requirements of the GSR and, if necessary, to work together on measures to comprehensively meet the requirements. The GSR are available for download here and will also be submitted to you by our procurement department if required for your contract.


Delivery Guidelines

Our goal is to ensure a smooth flow of material & information between suppliers and MEYER WERFT. In our delivery guidelines we therefore define the requirements of our logistics. Compliance with these guidelines also leads to fewer queries and thus additional work for you as a supplier.