Access to the Shipyard

As safety is paramount at MEYER WERFT, access to our shipyard is only granted upon prior registration. Depending on the nature and duration of your work on our premises, you will be given a visitor’s pass, day pass or long-term pass. This page contains lots of information about registering and various forms to download.

Information on accessing the shipyard

Registering employees – all information about accessing the shipyard
PDF 666.2 KiB
Quick guide with general information on applying for an access card
PDF 240.2 KiB

Registering for a day pass

Instructions for requesting a day pass with a maximum validity of five days
PDF 531.8 KiB
Application form – day pass
DOCX 182.1 KiB

Registering for a long-term pass

Instructions for requesting a long-term pass with a validity of over five days
PDF 696.2 KiB
Application form – long-term pass
DOCX 275.9 KiB

Deregistering employees

Signing out employees of partner companies: Download checklist
DOCX 97.1 KiB

Working on Sundays

Working on Sundays and public holidays is generally prohibited. However, MEYER WERFT has a permit that allows work on Sundays and public holidays under certain conditions. The timely personal registration of employees is necessary to ensure compliance with all the rules.

Instructions on how to register for work on a Sunday
PDF 460.7 KiB
Registration form – work on a Sunday
DOCX 116.7 KiB