Visiting our shipyard

Can I visit MEYER WERFT?

Cruise ship enthusiasts can see how our ocean liners are made at the MEYER WERFT visitor centre. Individual and group tours are held every day. Please contact the MEYER WERFT visitor centre for tickets and more information.

Tel.: +49 (0)4961 8396-0


Where can I find more information about the shipyard?

The latest news and information can be found online – on this website and on our Facebook, YouTube and Instagram pages. You can also get more information from Papenburg Marketing GmbH.

Tel.: +49 (0)4961 8396-0


Does MEYER WERFT provide sponsoring?

MEYER WERFT has close ties to Papenburg and the local area. First and foremost, we invest in the future of our company to secure jobs and apprenticeships. We also support volunteering initiatives in Lower Saxony and get involved in the region.

How does MEYER WERFT support the local labour market?

We are the world’s most technologically advanced constructor of cruise ships and one of the biggest employers in the northwest of Germany. We also offer numerous jobs through our suppliers. Our employees are the secret to our success, and so we do all we can to secure their professional future. We focus on future generations to strengthen the local labour market. Over 200 young people are currently completing vocational training or a dual degree course with us – they’re our specialists of tomorrow. You can find more information in the “Careers” section.

How is MEYER WERFT committed to the environment?

We see environmental protection as a key issue for the future. That’s why we’re developing eco-friendly and energy-efficient technologies for our ships, such as the world’s first ever LNG drive system. Furthermore, we constantly test our production processes to make them more efficient and environmentally friendly. You can find out more about our commitment to the environment in our corporate social responsibility report.

University studies

I am conducting a survey as part of my university course – will MEYER WERFT take part?

Research is the driving force behind innovation. That’s why MEYER WERFT always supports development projects. As studies tend to involve a lot of work, however, we have to limit ourselves to our cooperation partners.


How are ships launched at MEYER WERFT?

We no longer use the classic launching process. Our cruise ships are built in covered dry docks. At the end of the construction process, the docks are flooded until the ships can float and leave the docks.

What is meant by “modular construction”?

Modern shipbuilding uses modular construction processes. Our engineers use computer programmes to break the ship down into small, Lego-like pieces. The individual modules are largely pre-assembled, including cable ducts, power lines, staircases and balconies. These individual building blocks are only welded together and wired right at the end. This means different groups of specialists can work simultaneously on one ship to drastically reduce the turnaround time at the dry docks. A cruise ship consists of up to 100 blocks.


How can I book a cruise on a ship made by MEYER WERFT?

You can book cruises through shipping companies and travel agents.


When and where can I find out the exact dates of ship transfers?

The dates of our upcoming ship transfers can be found on this website and our Facebook page – or give us a call on +49 (0) 4961 8396-0.

Why are ship transfers often postponed at short notice?

Whenever we transfer a ship to the North Sea, we have to consider several factors like the weather, wind and tides along the River Ems. That’s why ship transfers sometimes have to be postponed at short notice. You can find our current schedule on our website and Facebook page – or call us on +49 (0) 4961 8396-0.

Why are ships not always transferred at the weekend or in the afternoon?

The scheduling of our ship transfers is determined by nature. The difficult manoeuvre can only be pulled off in good weather conditions and with high water levels along the River Ems.

Can I take part in a trial run or transfer?

Due to security concerns, visitors unfortunately cannot participate in trial runs or transfers. Navigating the River Ems is a highly challenging manoeuvre that sometimes even has to be postponed at short notice due to unsuitable tide and weather conditions

Where can I park my mobile home during ship transfers?

You can park your mobile home on a public car park. You can get more tips from Papenburg Marketing GmbH.

Tel.: +49 (0)4961 8396-0