Place for Innovation

With two covered building docks and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we are one of the most productive shipbuilding companies in the world. The efficiency of our compact shipyard is reflected by our short production and logistics routes. Our efficient workflows are built upon our IT infrastructure and digital technology like virtual reality applications.

We put all our ideas to the test in a virtual environment, from the initial ship design to the production of the final vessel. MEYER Group employs more than 1400 engineers, designers and architects all over Europe.

This saves time and money – and lets us constantly deliver new innovations.

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LNG-powered cruise ship
engineers and technicians
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3D virtual reality in planning

Smooth Processes

As every ship is unique, we use sophisticated logistics, precision software and modular construction methods to ensure our processes work every time.

Optimized Processes

Powerful Network

The MEYER Group works with a wide network of partners in Germany, Finland and neighbouring European countries, creating a great deal of employment in our areas of operation.

The MEYER Group