See how it’s made

Would you like to see how cruise ships are built at MEYER WERFT? In our visitor centre you can experience shipbuilding at close quarters – individuals and groups are always welcome!

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Our ocean liners provide an awesome backdrop for music festivals at the port, and it’s fascinating to watch them set sail for the North Sea. Thousands of ship enthusiasts watch the tricky manoeuvre along the banks of the River Ems. You can always find more information on our website and social media pages!


NDR 2 Papenburg Festival 2024 (Friday)
NDR 2 Papenburg Festival 2024 (Saturday)

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where can I find out the exact dates of a river conveyance?

Please note that we are currently not publishing the dates for conveyances.

If we will publish dates in the future, the dates of our upcoming river conveyance can be found on this website and our Facebook page.

Why is a river conveyance often postponed at short notice?

Whenever a river conveyance to the North Sea take place, we have to consider several factors like the weather, wind and tides along the River Ems. That’s why a conveyance sometimes have to be postponed at short notice. You can find our current schedule on this website and Facebook page.

Why does a conveyance not always take place at the weekend or in the afternoon?

The scheduling of our conveyances is determined by nature. The difficult manoeuvre can only be pulled off in good weather conditions and with high water levels along the River Ems.

Can I take part in a sea trial or ems conveyance?

Due to security concerns, visitors unfortunately cannot participate in a sea trial or ems conveyance. Navigating the river Ems is a highly challenging manoeuvre that sometimes even has to be postponed at short notice due to unsuitable tide and weather conditions.

Where can I park my mobile home during the river conveyance?

You can park your mobile home on a public parking lot. You can get more tips from Papenburg Marketing GmbH.
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