Material Export

Export materials from the yard

During the cooperation between shipyard and partners it is often necessary to take materials or tools off the shipyard premises. In order to ensure that this happens in a structured and regulated manner, it is necessary to apply for the exports in advance. On this page you will find the corresponding form available for download in German and in English.

The further approval procedure is described there in more detail. For example, photos of the items to be exported have to be submitted to the responsible foreman of the shipyard for approval. The person at the gate can then compare the information on the form and the photos with the items to be carried out.

Export materials from the yard
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Materialien vom Werftgelände ausführen
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Import and export of own material

If you intend to bring your own materials or tools onto the premises and take them out again on a regular basis, you have to fill in the document below before you bring them in for the first time. The security personnel at the gate will check and sign it. It will then act as a recurring export document for the listed materials or tools.

Especially for tools that pass the yard gate daily and are the property of the partner company, this serves as proof of ownership if the corresponding serial numbers match.

Import and export of own material
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Eigenes Material ein- und ausführen
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