AIDAsol voyages around the world with AIDA Cruises, measuring 253 metres in length and 32 metres in width. We delivered one ship in this class every year between 2010 and 2013. AIDAsol’s sister ships are called AIDAstella, AIDAmar and AIDAblu – they belong to the modified Sphinx Class. Half a deck was added to the modified liners to make their spa area more spacious than on the original Sphinx Class.

The designers at MEYER WERFT placed great emphasis on ensuring maximum comfort and energy efficiency: Fuel consumption is reduced with the addition of flow-optimised propellers and a low-friction underwater coating. Its rudder blades are asymmetrically twisted to give the ship additional propulsion. Intelligent technology helps to save water, and new energy is obtained from the waste heat generated during on-board operations.

A glass chute extends along the middle of AIDAsol, housing a magnificent venue known as the “Theatrium”. Its side walls are made of safety glass to withstand heavy loads during voyages. The venue is spread across the entire length of the ship – it’s the heart and soul of on-board life.

AIDAsol is the first ship in the AIDA fleet that can shut down most of its generators at berth, as the ocean liner can connect to shore power.

71,300 GT
253.3 m
Width on frames
32.2 m
Total Engine Power
36 MW
Cruising Speed
23 kn
Passenger Cabins (incl. Suites)
Production Series
Sphinx Class (modified class)
Cruise Line
AIDA Cruises