Coronavirus prevention
Information for partners

In order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus on the shipyard site, we are taking various measures. Our aim: to act with foresight, take precautions and ensure the safety of our employees.

We use this site to inform our partners about current developments. From now on, information for our employees can be found in our new Info-Portal.

Correct behaviour

Main Corona Prevention Measures

You can find our main corona prevention measures in this video and the following document. For more detailled information please have a look at the list below.

Overview of our Main Corona Measures
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Our prevention measures (26.02.2021)

Antigen tests for all employees on S.713

On Friday 26.02.2021, testing will only take place from 06:00 AM - 12:00 PM for employees of our partner companies who are leaving S.713 on the same day ("day workers") in the Visitor Center. There will be no more testing at the Güterbahnhof tomorrow. ·There will be no more boarding or testing on Saturday 02.27.2021.

From Monday 22 February, access to Odyssey of the Seas (p.713) will only be possible after a negative antigen test.

In order to make the testing procedure safe, two test tracks will be set up. One test track is located on the premises of “Alter Güterbahnhof” Address Alter Güterbahnhof: Bahnhofstraße 21, 26871 Papenburg.The other test track is set up in the Visitor Centre.

For a smooth procedure, your company and your employees will be assigned both a test track and a test time. You will find the assignment in the attachment. Please ensure that your employees only arrive at the respective test track at the specified time. Please ensure that they wear mouth and nose coverings (medical or FFP2).

Negative-tested employees receive a stamp form on which the daily negative antigen test is stamped. Only with this form is it possible to access S.713. The stamp form must be carried on board at all times. The negative corona test means that it is no longer necessary to work two shifts on board S.713. Working hours can be discussed flexibly together with the respective contact person.

If your company is not listed in the attachment but you are carrying out work on S.713, please contact the relevant site manager.

The costs for the antigen tests for S.713 during this period will covered by MEYER WERFT.

Break times for partner companies

In addition to wearing a mask, an important measure to protect against infection is to avoid unnecessary contact. With this in mind, we are rearranging the break times in the Hall 4, 5 and 6 zones. In this context, it is particularly important to strictly adhere to the official guidelines issued by the authorities with regard to the general hygiene, mask and distance rules and thus to ensure the best possible distribution of employees, both internal and external, during break times.

The goal of this regulation is to avoid contacts of different work areas during breaks as far as possible.

Therefore, we ask you to consider the following break times for your employees beginning on Monday 01.03.2021:

Work Area Early Shift Late Shift Night Shift
MO - FR 04:30 h – 13:00 h 14:00 h – 00:30 h



S.709 09:00 – 09:30 18:00 – 18:30 01:00 – 01:30
S.705 10:00 – 10:30 19:00 – 19:30 02:00 – 02:30
Hall 4 + Additions Hall 5 + 6 11:00 - 11:30 20:00 – 20:30 03:00 – 03:30
Logistik (Logistics) Logistics employees assigned to additions and hall 4 take a break together with additions + hall 4 employees
Logistics employees assigned to the cost units take a break together with the cost unit employees

For the areas MEYER WERFT Laserzentrum and MEYER WERFT Rohrzentrum individual break regulations have been worked out, which are communicated by the executives with the responsible persons of the partner companies concerned in direct communication.

Further notes:

  • Eating at the workplace is not permitted for hygienic reasons and may only take place in the break tent.
  • The employees of our partner companies can use the tent between Hall 1 and Hall 6 as a break area.

Information on S.713 Odyssey of the Seas

Procurement of a mouth and nose covering for partner companies on board
The employees of the partner companies have the possibility to procure medical masks or FFP 2 masks without valve via a vending machine from Würth on board S.713.

  • Location of the vending machine: Service Point in fire zone 5 on deck 4.
  • Payment: Withdrawal against invoice. The employee's own shipyard card is used for this purpose. The system of the vending machine records which company the employee is employed by. Subsequently (after the trial run) an invoice is sent to the company with all the masks purchased by the employees of this company. The employee data is sent to the companies as an order commission.

Quarantine after entering Bremerhaven from abroad
For employees arriving from abroad and boarding S.713 in Bremerhaven, the following instructions must be observed:

  • Persons arriving from high-risk or high-incidence areas must observe a quarantine period of 10 days after entry.
  • Persons entering from virus variant areas must maintain a quarantine of 14 days after entry.
  • A shortening of the quarantine at the earliest 5 days after entry with a second Corona test is not possible. The list of these countries and all other risk areas is always updated and can be found on this website.

Zone S.713 as a closed zone

  • Zone S.713 will be further closed so that moving between Zone S.713 and the rest of the shipyard area will be largely impossible. This graphic shows the access possibility (“Zone S.713”).
  • The following changes apply to access: Access is now only possible via the turnstile to the left of the visitor center. All employees performing work on S.713: are now only allowed to board S.713 with the S.713 sticker, have access only to this zone and are not allowed to enter any other zones. When working on S.713 the stickers are to be removed from other zones on the shipyard map. Therefore it is also necessary to remove the S.713 sticker to belong to the zone Hall 4; 5; 6 for example. The executive sticker now no longer entitles to zone crossing.
  • Deliveries to the designated logistics area via Gate 4 are still possible. As before, a required delivery time must be agreed with the gatekeeper in charge. If this is exceeded, a 5-day shipyard ban will be the consequence.

New sticker for S.713

  • There is a new sticker for the S.713 zone
  • Since 07.01.2021, all employees are denied access without the appropriate sticker.
  • Stickers will be issued by the responsible MEYER WERFT site managers. The previous zone stickers (e.g. for halls 4,5 and 6) are to be removed from the personal card.
  • All employees performing work on S.713 are thus only allowed to board S.713 with the new sticker, have access exclusively to this zone and are not allowed to enter any other zones.

Using lifts on S.713

  • For the protection of all employees, the lifts on S. 713 are closed for passenger transport between 11:00 and 13:00.

Break tent in zone S.713

  • The access to the break tent is guarded. When the 200 seats are occupied, the tent is closed. I.e., flexible break times to be arranged by staff according to available seating. ·
  • The persons assigned to S.713 do not have access to their registered locker rooms. Therefore, 200 lockers have been placed within the zone near the break tent.
    Note: The lockers are to be left open at shift change. The lock and key are to be left on the locker. Lockers that are still locked during the break between shifts will be broken into; the contents of the locker will be secured. This is necessary to prevent permanent locker blockages. In addition, lockers are to be used only by employees who have no other options for storing their personal belongings (e.g., bicyclists who need to lock up their rain gear). Car driver are encouraged to leave their personal belongings in their vehicles to avoid occupying lockers.

Bicyle parking area in zone S.713

  • A bicycle parking area has been set up at Gate 1 in the visitors' parking lot, which can be used by employees in zone S.713 o It is not possible to bring the bicycle to the zone S.713.
  • The bicycle parking lot at Gate 1 is camera-monitored and therefore offers better protection against theft and property damage than the bicycle racks on the shipyard grounds.
  • In addition, parking is not permitted at the roll-up door of Hall 6.

Parking facilities at gate 1

  • Only those employees with a zone sticker for S.713 are also allowed to use the parking spaces at Gate 1 with a transporter or van with more than two occupants.
  • For all other employees of the partner companies, only the gravel parking lot on the Rheiderlandstraße and the parking lot at the headland at Gate 3 are available.
  • It is still prohibited to park vehicles with more than one person at the gates. Any violation of this regulation will be punished with a ban on shipyard premises.

Key and card issue for S.713

  • The key and card issuance at the Fire Alarm Control Center (Brandmeldezentrale / BMZ) for S.713 went live in the S.713 zone.
  • The issue will be staffed in the hotel container 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Supplies by vending machine at the pier for S.713

  • Supplies for all workers are now available at the pier. These can be obtained from vending machines using the stamp card.
  • As soon as a minimum stock of each article is reached, a new order is placed automatically in order to always have sufficient stock in the respective vending machine. If articles are still missing, they can be ordered directly via the following hotline. A delivery will then be organized as soon as possible.
  • Telephone hotline: +49 4962 9960260 - E-mail:
    In addition, a tool dispensary will be set up in a container facility for the area.

Record contacts

  • Daily contact lists must also be maintained for all employees assigned to S.713. Therefore, we kindly ask you to remind the employees of your company again to create the daily contact lists via the provided electronic solution ( This is an internet-based solution. The contact lists can be maintained at any time and anywhere an Internet connection is available.

WLAN access in Papenburg on S.713

  • Five "access points" have been installed on S.713 to connect to the shipyard's WLAN network. The points are located in the following areas:
    - Deck 2 FZ 2 (Windjammer)
    - Deck 2 FZ 6 (Engine Control Room)
    - Deck 3 FZ 5 Bb + Stb (Extensions)
    - Deck 12 FZ 2 (Adventure Ocean)

Reporting of corona / suspected cases

In view of the current situation with Corona virus and virus mutations, immediate reporting of suspected cases infected persons and their contacts is essential to break the chains of infection immediately.

The following cases must be reported:

  • 1. Confirmed Corona infection of a person
  • 2. Contact persons of the infected person (from 5 minutes contact)
  • 3. Persons with Corona symptoms (who are still waiting for a Corona test result)
  • 4. Contact persons of the person with Corona symptoms (who is still waiting for a Corona test result) (from 5 minutes of contact).
The notification with the attached information in the Excel template (Template Corona Information) should be sent to the email address:

Employees, of the mentioned cases are not allowed to enter the yard.

New information about entry / return to Lower Saxony

News about quarantine conditions

  • Entrants who have stayed in a risk area within the last 14 days are obliged to comply with the regulations of the Lower Saxony Quarantine Ordinance.
  • The quarantine period after entry is now 14 days.
  • A free test from quarantine after 5 days at the earliest is only possible for persons who do not come from a high incidence area or virus variant area.
  • The list of these countries and all other risk areas is always updated on this website.
  • In the course of this, the agreement on the facilitated entry to work has also been adapted. The changes can be found in yellow markings in this attachment. These documents will also be updated on the registration page shortly.

Random tests are carried out

Employees will be asked to undergo random antigen testing during working hours at the shipyard starting tomorrow. The costs for the random antigen test will be borne by MEYER WERFT.

Obligation to wear the mouth/nose cover

Enclosed spaces:
In closed rooms, the obligation to wear a mouth-nose mask is still valid in general. If the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained or if less than 10 m² of space per person is available, employees are required to wear medical masks or FFP2 masks according to SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Regulation § 3, which must be provided by you as the employer.

If an employee is unable to comply with the distance requirement of 1.5 meters outdoors, or is only temporarily unable to comply with the distance requirement, the employee must wear a mouth-nose covering (everyday mask, medical mask or FFP2 mask). For example, masks must be worn accordingly when entering at the gates if the distance cannot be maintained.

Urgent recommendation to wear FFP2 masks
We strongly recommend to wear FFP2 masks without valve only. They not only protect other people, but also offer significantly better self-protection. Another advantage: In principle, the health authorities do not assess a person as a contact person if he or she has worn an FFP2 mask throughout the encounter with an infected person. However, many factors play a role in the evaluation, which can lead to being a contact person even under this compliance, if there was contact with the infected person (distance, room size...)

Notice: FFP2 masks must always be worn if a person works in more than one zone, which is only permitted in exceptional cases. FFP-2 masks with a valve are not permitted, as exhaled aerosols are released into the ambient air through the valve. o The FFP2 masks must be certified.

Mandatory use of masks in vehicles
Employees who travel to the workplace in a vehicle together with other persons (e.g. from the same accommodation) are obliged to wear a mouth/nose covering (medical mask, FFP 2 mask), as the distance regulation cannot be observed in the vehicles. Violations of this regulation will result in consequences such as yard bans. This regulation and further information on the mask regulation can be found in the Lower Saxony Corona Regulation in § 3.

This overview shows which masks are to be worn in which situations (obligation to wear) and what protection the masks offer.

Marking of vehicles with company name

Vehicles which are on the shipyard premises of MEYER WERFT must in the future be clearly marked with the name of the company where the occupants of the vehicle are employed. For this purpose, for example, a sign must be attached to the vehicle (e.g. on the window) with the name of the company, if the vehicle does not yet have a proper marking.

Von einer gemeinsamen Beförderung mit Personen aus verschieden Unterkünften ist abzusehen.

Maintain contact lists from 5-minute contact

Daily maintenance of contact lists remains mandatory for all employees. Only by quickly breaking the chains of infection can further spread of the coronavirus and other variants be prevented.

From now on, every encounter with one or more persons over a period of 5 minutes per day must be recorded in the contact lists - regardless of whether a mask was worn or the size of the room in which the persons were present.

We ask that you use the electronic solution to record the lists ( Alternatively, the forms can be used for manual contact entry (Download german version, Download english version).

Close the changing areas in the recreation rooms

The recreation rooms on the shipyard premises will be closed for our partner companies. This measure is important because the changing areas lead to a gathering of people from different areas.

  • Up to and including Tuesday 16.02.2021, employees will have the opportunity to vacate the lockers.
  • Thus, there will be no locker rent due.
  • As of Wednesday 17.02.2021, the areas and lockers will be closed.
  • For employees who have not yet had the opportunity to clear the lockers then, the following telephone numbers are to be contacted to have the lockers opened: During the day: +49 4961 81 5666, In the evening / at night: +49 4961 81 6751

Forming fixed work groups

If employees work together with other persons, these work groups are to be strictly maintained. Mixing with other teams is not permitted. Care must also be taken in the accommodation to prevent contact with other work groups.

Transport ban from virus variant areas

Carriers who transport persons in cross-border rail, bus, ship or air transport are obliged to refrain from transporting persons from virus variant areas into the Federal Republic of Germany.

The list of these countries and all other risk areas is constantly updated and can be found on the following website:

Further exceptions and information on all entry regulations can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the website of the Federal Ministry of Health, and the website of the Federal Foreign Office, among others:


Facilitated start of work after entry

The current quarantine regulation in Lower Saxony contains numerous restrictions for persons who (re-)enter the Federal Republic of Germany ( from a Corona risk area. In addition to the general entry requirements, such as a 14-day quarantine after entry, the ordinance contains various exceptions that only allow direct employment after entry under certain circumstances.

In addition to the current ordinance, a separate agreement has been reached with the district of Emsland and MEYER WERFT, which allows (re-)entrants to take up work on MEYER WERFT's shipyard premises immediately after entry, irrespective of the period of activity, provided that the following regulations are observed and complied with by the partner companies. With this communication, the partner company is given the opportunity to facilitate the entry and immediate commencement of work of employees from the risk areas via this process. Registration via would still be necessary. If a partner company does not wish to follow and adhere to this process, it is at liberty to make a deviating agreement (§ 1 paragraph 9 Quarantine Ordinance of Lower Saxony) with the health office responsible for you or to refer to the further exceptions of the ordinance, in coordination with the health office. The health office of the place of residence of the respective employee is always responsible.

Note: This agreement was made exclusively with the district of Emsland. Therefore, only those partner companies whose employees live in the district of Emsland have the possibility to conclude this exemption agreement with MEYER WERFT. As soon as another county joins this agreement, you will be informed via this communication.

In the course of the separate agreement with the district of Emsland, we hereby describe to you a defined process to be followed if the exemption option discussed by MEYER WERFT with the Health Department is to be used. This process is valid until further notice:

1. The partner company registers the incoming employees with MEYER WERFT via the following link:

At least two days in advance, the following documents, completed and signed, are to be uploaded on the registration page.

Registration of entering employees

Agreement to facilitate the start of work on the premises of MEYER WERFT

As soon as the registration is done, you will receive an automatic email confirming the receipt of the registration.

Agreement between MEYER WERFT and partner company (also found in the attachment). This contains:

1. The individual points from the concept agreed with the health authority and compliance with the regulations applicable on MEYER WERFT's premises.

2. Hygiene concept for domestic quarantine, transport to the workplace and compliance with quarantine-like conditions at the workplace.

Template list of employee names, date of birth, date of entry, date of departure, home and also work related accommodation.

A negative Corona test result (PCR test) must be carried directly upon entry by all entering employees (listed above). The test must not be older than 48 hours at the time of entry.

Within the first 5 days of entry, the negative test result of all named employees must also be uploaded bundled into one file on the registration site.

With the automatic email of the receipt of your application, you can click on the "Edit Information" button to upload the negative test results even in the follow-up.

Registered employees are required to carry the negative test result with them at all times within the first 14 days of entry.

Provided that the documents uploaded by the partner company meet the requirements, are signed and completely filled out, the company will receive an approval by e-mail. The e-mail address of the partner company is also to be indicated on the registration page. We urge to upload the documents completely and signed. Incomplete documents will lead to delays in processing and approval. Any costs incurred by the companies concerned as a result will not be reimbursed and cannot be claimed in any other way.

Quarantine-like conditions (work quarantine) must be observed by the partner companies during working hours.

MEYER WERFT shall carry out random checks to ensure compliance. Violations will result in an immediate ban from the premises.

An early termination of the ten-day quarantine is possible by: Submission of another negative PCR test result. This test can be performed at the earliest 5 days after entry.

The second negative test results must be submitted accordingly on the registration site again bundled by all registered employees (as described, the function of the confirmation email with the button "Edit Information" must be used for this). This means that employees living together in one accommodation must all submit the negative test result at the same time. It is not possible to terminate the quarantine of an individual living together with several people in one accommodation prematurely.

This procedure and free testing 5 days after entry cannot be used by persons from high incidence or virus variant areas.

Performance of Corona (PCR) tests

Two categories of registered employees must be distinguished when performing corona (PCR) tests on the shipyard premises. This and further information can be found in this file.

  • Category 1: Free testing from quarantine after entry from risk area (according to Lower Saxony Quarantine Ordinance)
  • Category 2: Free testing from working quarantine (according to agreement between MEYER WERFT and partner company).
  • Notes:The tests may only be performed as so-called "free testing" from quarantine. Immediate testing directly after entry is not possible at the shipyard premises.Free testing means that the persons who have already brought a negative test result from the risk area or have tested in Germany directly after entry and would like to be tested again 5 days after entry and are thus "free tested" after receiving a negative test result from quarantine. The quarantine is therefore lifted. The tests are subject to a fee and NOT „free“ of charge.A handout will be given to the registered employees, which contains further information.

You can find out where you can take a Corona test locally by calling 116 117 or on the internet at When entering Germany, you will also find test centres at airports and at the ports.

Access for employees of partner companies

Three different categories of access for employees of partner companies are described in this file. The instructions must be followed at all times.

  • Category 1: Employee does NOT come from a risk area
  • Category 2: Employee comes from a risk area and has completed quarantine (according to Lower Saxony Quarantine Ordinance)
  • Category 3: Employee comes from a risk area and an agreement has been made with MEYER WERFT by the responsible partner company to facilitate the start of work.
Note: At the employee registration office (at the new Gate 5, formerly Gate 3), FFP2 masks (without a valve) are mandatory with immediate effect. Access without an appropriate mask will be denied. FFP2 masks must either be brought along or can be purchased from the partner companies at the vending machine for supplies (Würth). This is located directly next to the registration office.

Accommodation in apartments

New Health Questionnaire

The new questionnaire has to be filled in by employees who enter the shipyard for the first time as of today, 09.11.2020.

The current version of the questionnaire can always be found on the homepage of our website.

The questionnair was updated accordingly to the entry conditions according to the Lower Saxony Corona Regulation. From now on we will refer completely to the official risk areas of the Robert Koch Institute (

  • Accordingly, the entire country is no longer considered a risk area if only individual regions are designated as risk areas in that country.
  • Classification as a risk area is made after joint analysis and decision by the Federal Ministry of Health, the Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Homeland.
  • All persons entering the country who have stayed in a risk area within the last 14 days are obliged to report to the responsible German health authority when entering Germany. This is also asked in our questionnaire.
  • Provided that the health authority confirms to the entering employees that they are allowed to stay in Germany and do not have to go into quarantine / isolation, the shipyard access will be granted with the corresponding information on the questionnaire.
  • Note:
    • Every employee is responsible for following the regulations of the Lower Saxony Corona Ordinance and the regulations of the legal ordinances of the Federal Republic of Germany and to comply with the instructions of the corresponding authorities.
    • Furthermore, we ask you to point out to all employees that after visiting a risk area it is absolutely necessary to fill out the questionnaire again.
    • Further information: In case an employee from your company, who has a shipyard pass, has been in quarantine and is allowed to enter the shipyard again afterwards, this employee must also collect a visitor's pass at gate 3 for the first day. The shipyard pass is activated for the shipyard entrance, but this will not work for the first day, e.g. when entering the ship.

Shift times

In order to avoid encounter traffic during shift changes, there is now an hour between the early shift and the late shift. An overview can be found here. This means that...

  • the workers from the early shift must leave the shipyard immediately after the end of their shift.
  • the workers for the late shift may enter the shipyard at 13:30 at the earliest.
  • Note:The gatekeepers will check these times and dismiss employees who do not comply with the times.
  • The known break times continue to apply.
  • This table shows an overview for the early and late shift. If employees are to be assigned to a night shift,this has to be coordinated with the responsible manager of MEYER WERFT.

Regulations for using lifts

The Alimak lifts located in the halls are again open for passenger transport. The following rules must be observed:

  • Maximum 5 persons in one cabin
  • Masks are mandatory in the cabin
  • Passenger transport only in upward direction, no passenger transport in downward direction
  • To maintain the necessary distance between people, markings are placed in the cabins · The length of the queue is limited by a marker. Queuing beyond this limit is not allowed. Please continue to use the stairs if the queue is too long.
If these rules are not observed, the transport of people will be stopped.

The elevators in office buildings are available only for persons with physical disabilities or for the transport of materials.

New zone stickers for access cards

New zone stickers for access cards

As of next Monday 14.09.2020 a new simplified zoning system will apply to all employees working on the MEYER WERFT premises. Already since April each employee has been assigned to a zone and is obliged to stay only within this zone. In this way we ensure that the persons in a zone only have contact with each other.

New zone stickers for access cards In the meantime, the processes on the shipyard have been very well established. Due to the different shifts, we have been able to reduce the number of employees working within a zone at the same time.

The following regulations must be observed:

  • Every employee needs a new zone sticker beginning on Monday 14.09.2020.
  • In order to simplify work in some areas, the following zones will be combined into one common zone (overview attached):
    • Zone Hall 4 + 5 and Zone Hall 6
    • Zone Human Resources and Zone Administration + Technology Centre + Hall 5 T2 offices (IT)
  • The stickers are distributed by the respective managers of the zones. When issuing the stickers, the managers make sure that only ONE zone sticker is present on each access card.
  • The partner companies are obliged to register their employees at least 24 hours in advance with the responsible Head of Group of MEYER WERFT. The respective Head of Group will then hand over the required stickers to the supervisor of the partner company.
  • The employee is obliged to obtain the sticker within one hour from his supervisor. If the employee is checked after this hour and cannot show a zone sticker, he has to expect labour law consequences up to a ban from the shipyard.
  • Employees must therefore wear their access card in a clearly visible place and show it at the gates as usual.
  • Note: Random checks of this regulation are carried out. In the event of violations, we reserve the right to issue an immediate ban on shipyard.

The known zone rules remain valid:

  • Shipyard access: Each zone is assigned to a gate. Please use the assigned gate for entering and leaving the premises.
  • Transition between zones: Changing zones is prohibited. Employees must report to their supervisor if this is absolutely necessary.
  • Working hours: Each zone is linked to specific working hours to ensure that employees in a zone do not encounter other employees.
  • The shift assignments remain in place and are an essential part of the protection concept and thus contribute to the prevention of the risk of infection.

No longer closing times in smoking areas

Since the organizational processes and the number of employees at the shipyard have now been consolidated in the course of our zone concept, it is possible for us to lift the curfews in the smoking zones again.

In this way, we achieve a further equalization of use and can thus prevent crowding even better. The spacing rules and maximum capacities in the smoking zones will of course continue to apply and will be monitored as before.

Should there be any difficulties with implementation, we reserve the right to reintroduce the original closing times.We are working with all our might to ensure a safe working environment for everyone working on the shipyard premises. To do this, we rely on the support of each and every one of you. We all have a responsibility to protect each other. It is absolutely essential to maintain an adequate safety distance of at least 1.50 m - even in the open air and in smoking areas. Unfortunately, this rule was not observed without control.

In each smoking area there is a notice indicating the maximum number of people. Violations of the distance rule and the smoking ban on the shipyard outside marked zones will be prosecuted and strictly punished:

  • Employees of partner companies: 5 working days shipyard ban.
  • MEYER Group employees: any violation will be investigated under labor law and result in disciplinary action.
Smoking within a hazardous area where there is a risk of fire will be punished by a shipyard ban of 2 years.As a guide, markings will be placed in the smoking areas at 1.5 meter intervals. Should there be an increase in violations, we reserve the right to completely close the smoking areas for safety reasons and to declare a smoking ban on the entire shipyard.

Corona warning app

Since 17.06.2020 it is possible to use the Corona-Warn App to determine contact with infected persons more quickly and easily and to determine the risk of infection.

We hereby expressly recommend all persons employed at the shipyard to install this app and to pass on this recommendation to all persons in their environment in order to further reduce the risk of the Corona virus spreading. More detailed information can also be found in various languages on the website of the Federal Government:

Starting up the vending machines

The vending machines for cold drinks will be gradually put back into operation at monday, 6th of July. The following rules apply:

  • In any queues that may form a minimum distance of 1.5 to 2 metres from other people must be kept.
  • The consumption of beverages in the area around the vending machines is prohibited.
  • It is also forbidden to form crowds of people to consume the drinks together.

If the rules are not observed, the vending machines will be taken out of operation again.

Procedure in case of suspected corona infection and confirmed corona infection

Here you will find a detailed description of how to behave if a person from your company who is employed at the shipyard is suspected of having a corona infection or has a confirmed corona infection.

Description of the behaviour: German, English, Bulgarian, Russian, Polish, Italian, Greek, Romanian
Visual representation of the procedure

We ask you to instruct the employees of your company again on this procedure and, if necessary, to display the documents in the appropriate accommodation.

Usage of parking space

  • We informed last week that employees who drive vans (such as transporters, minibuses, etc.) with more than two occupants are only allowed to park in the gravel parking lot on Rheiderlandstraße and on the headland at gate 3.
  • Currently, however, the forest parking lot on the opposite side of Rheiderlandstraße, where the road must be crossed directly, is also used. We would like to point out that the use of the forest parking lot is to be stopped, since crossing the street is very dangerous. This regulation will be controlled from now on. By means of the pedestrian bridge from the gravel parking lot and parking at the headland at gate 3, employees can reach the gate via a safe path. An overview can be found in the appendix (Parking_Parking Lots)
  • The stopping of vehicles with several people at the gates is still prohibited. Any violation of this regulation will be punished with a ban on shipyard premises.

Access to the shipyard

Access via Gate 5
Due to reconstruction measures, access via Gate 1 and Gate 2 will no longer be possible for employees of partner companies beginning on 30.11.2020 (CW 49).

Partner companies can only enter the shipyard via Gate 5 (formerly Gate 3).

Driving ordinance at the truck gate
In the course of the updated risk analysis of the port authority, the access roads to MEYER WERFT as a port facility will be more strictly regulated in addition to the new version of the security plan. For this purpose, access regulations (“Zufahrtsordnung_Driving Ordinance”) have been drawn up, which, among other things, prescribe instructions for suppliers entering at the truck gate (gate 4). By entering the premises of MEYER WERFT the suppliers commit themselves to behave according to the access regulations. This comes into force on 01.12.2020

Cyclists of the early and late shift zone Hall 4+5
From now on, cyclists of the early and late shift zone Hall 4+5 from Weener can also use Gate 1 to enter the shipyard. Please note that this regulation applies exclusively to cyclists. For walkers in the zone Hall 4 + 5, Gate 5 (formerly gate 3) continue to be valid as entrance and exit.
All start and end times including the list of which gate is to be used can be found in this updated flyer.

Registration times for workers by zones

Registration of new employees from partner companies must now be done for a specific zone. The schedule below specifies when employees of which zone can hand in their documents and watch the safety film. In this way, we prevent contact between employees of different zones before they even enter the yard. Stick to the schedule and only order employees from partner companies to sign in at the time that matches the zone.

Zone Time
Hall 4,5,6 07:00
Ship 08:00
Logistic 09:00
Pipe center 09:30
Laser center 10:00
Site office/ IT 10:30
Human Resources 11:00
Administration 11:30
Education 12:00
Hall 4,5,6 07:00

Reporting system for disinfectant dispensers

All disinfectant dispensers on the shipyard are marked with a number. This makes it easier to report damaged or empty dispensers to our Corona hotline or to the info points on the shipyard.

Daily preventive measures

The following apply to everyone: everyone can contribute to their own protection and the protection of all colleagues by acting responsibly:

  • Keep your distance: keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other people as a precaution.
  • Washing and disinfecting hands regularly
    → There are currently delivery problems with disinfectants, even though we have already taken various measures and, for example, had MEYER TURKU fly in disinfectants. It may therefore happen that disinfectant dispensers cannot be refilled. Please make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 30 seconds.
  • Coughing and sneezing (coughing/sneezing into the crook of your arm)
  • Refrain from physical contact such as shaking hands
  • Avoids contact with people suffering from respiratory diseases
Further information is available online from the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Centre for Health Education.

Canteens closed

Our canteens are closed until further notice.

Contact doctor by phone

If you have cold symptoms, please do not introduce yourself personally to our company doctor. Please contact her or your family doctor by telephone.

News about Corona

Via video messages, management and responsible persons inform about new measures and the fast changing situation at the shipyard

Videos: News about Corona