Coronavirus prevention
Information for partners

In order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus on the shipyard site, we are taking various measures. Our aim: to act with foresight, take precautions and ensure the safety of our employees.

We use this site to inform our partners about current developments. Information for our employees can be found in our Info-Portal.

Correct behaviour

Disinfect hands regularly
Keep distance
Wash hands regularly
Avoid body contact
Cough into your sleeve
No crossing of zones
Use stairs instead of en elevator


In the list below you will find a compilation of our corona prevention measures. The information is divided into the following categories:

1. Main measures

Main measures for download

We have summarised our main measures for corona prevention in this PDF document. For more detailed information and further measures, please see the entire list of measures.

Registration of an immunity certificate

Published: 17.05.2021 | Update: 04.06.2021

According to the current Lower Saxony Corona and Quarantine Regulation, fully vaccinated and recovered persons are exempt from some protection measures, provided that appropriate proof is available. With this regulation, it is also possible for these persons to be exempted from some corona protection measures on MEYER WERFT's shipyard premises. The related requirements and further details are described below.

Registration of an immunity certificate

Provided that you have been immunized and have appropriate proof of this, you have the following options to apply for an immunity certificate, which is only valid on MEYER WERFT premises. This immunity certificate exempts you from the regulations at MEYER WERFT regarding corona tests and the quarantine obligation after entry from a risk area. For this purpose, one of the following proofs has to be presented, which has to be confirmed by means of one of the documents mentioned below:

  • 1. Proof of a fully completed vaccination against Corona virus SARS-CoV-2 for at least 15 days with a vaccine approved in the European Union.
  • 2. Evidence of a positive test result based on laboratory diagnosis by nucleic acid detection (PCR, PoC-PCR or other methods of nucleic acid amplification technique) and dating back at least 28 days and not more than 6 months.
  • 3. Proof of a positive test result according to point 2 in combination with proof of administration of at least one vaccine dose against COVID-19 with a vaccine approved in the European Union at least 14 days ago.

One of the following documents in original (with signature and / or stamp) must be presented together with your personal identity card:

  • 1. Yellow vaccination certificate
  • 2. Medical certificate from a German licensed physician
  • 3. Certificate from a German vaccination center
  • 4. Laboratory certificate from a German laboratory
  • 5. Substitute document from a German vaccination center

The presentation of these documents will be checked by trained personnel by means of visual inspection. As soon as the inspection has been carried out and your details have been confirmed, you will receive a temporary immunity certificate from MEYER WERFT, which exempts you from the regulations mentioned below on MEYER WERFT. This certificate must be presented upon request.


  • 1. Registration
    • Manual application at the employee registration office at Gate 5 on Mondays to Fridays in the period from 07:00 - 14:00.
    • Manual registration at the container at the fire department Monday through Friday in the period 09:00 - 12:00 (location picture attached).
    • Online registration via
      • Please note that if you want to use the online registration, you do not have to upload the vaccination card (yellow vaccination card) or the substitute document.
      • Please refer to the link for more information.
  • 2. The MR checks the documents
  • 3. Provided all information is correct, an immunity certificate is issued.
    • The immunity certificate has an expiration date and must be reapplied for upon expiration.
  • 4. The employee must present the certificate upon request.

Advantages of the immunity certificate at MEYER WERFT

Employees who have an immunity certificate.....

  • Do not have to undergo corona testing,
  • Are usually exempt from quarantine after clearance from the health department and can continue their work if they are listed as the contact person of an infected person
    • Contact lists must still be maintained
  • Are not required to maintain quarantine after entry from a risk area and clearance from the health department.
    • Registration via must still be maintained.


  • Falsification of documents and / or false information may result in criminal penalties.
  • All other Corona prevention regulations in effect at shipyard sites (masking regulations, zoning and shifting...) must continue to be followed by those with an immunity certificate.

Validity of the immunity certificates

For persons who have a complete vaccination protection and a certificate for 6 months.....

- the validity of the certificate is automatically extended for 6 months.

- Accordingly, the certificates are valid for a total of 1 year for persons with full immunization protection. No adjustment will be made on the certificate.

- Notice:

o Persons who have complete immunization protection are.

 Individuals who have been vaccinated twice and two weeks have passed since the last vaccine dose

• For persons who have been vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson, one vaccine dose is sufficient

 Persons who have recovered and have been vaccinated once.

For persons who have recovered and thus have not yet received a vaccination....

- the validity expires after 6 months, as it is written on the certificate.

- Accordingly, these individuals are advised to obtain full vaccination protection with one dose of vaccine.

o After that, a new immunity certificate can be applied for.

 !!! Next week Wednesday 22.09.2021 the next vaccination campaign will take place at the shipyard. You will find all the information in the attachment !!!

Further information

- The immunity certificate does not need to be carried in paper form. It is sufficient to carry a photo of the certificate on your cell phone.

- The certificates can still be applied for at the following places

o Manual registration at the employee registry at Gate 5 Monday through Friday between 07:00 - 14:00.

o Manual registration at the container at the Fire Department Monday through Friday during the period of 09:00 - 12:00.

o Online registration via

For any queries, please contact

Regulations for wearing masks valid from 01.07.2021

Update 28.06.2021

a) Lifting of the obligation to wear masks in the following areas:

  • Outdoors
  • Halls and blocks, provided that the hall doors are open and thus a continuous supply of fresh air is guaranteed
  • Workshops, provided this is necessary for reasons of work safety, a sufficient supply of fresh air is guaranteed and a minimum distance of 3 meters is maintained
  • In the open areas of the ships (outside decks/block joints/areas with windows not yet installed, etc.), if there is a constant exchange of air
  • Individual offices, outdoor areas and smoking areas, provided the necessary clearances of at least 1.5 meters are allowed

Important notes:

è In these areas

  • a mask obligation only applies if the distance of 1.5m to other persons cannot be maintained when working.
  • then the unrestricted obligation to wear protective goggles applies again.

b) Mask obligation continues to apply in the following areas:

  • When passing through the shipyard gates
  • In the closed areas of the ships: Always
  • Administrative buildings and office areas: Always, except in individual offices and in shared offices at the fixed seating area, when the following conditions are met:
    • At least 10m² per employee,
    • At least 1.5m spacing,
    • Like a chessboard (diagonally placed)
    • Regular air exchange
    • Locker rooms, stairwells and toilet facilities: Always.

Until June 30th, the following regulations apply:

Enclosed spaces:
In closed rooms, the obligation to wear a mouth-nose mask is still valid in general. If the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained or if less than 10 m² of space per person is available, employees are required to wear medical masks or FFP2 masks according to SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Regulation § 3, which must be provided by you as the employer.

If an employee is unable to comply with the distance requirement of 1.5 meters outdoors, or is only temporarily unable to comply with the distance requirement, the employee must wear a mouth-nose covering (everyday mask, medical mask or FFP2 mask). Masks are required at the gates when entering or leaving the shipyard premises. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance, at least one medical mask must be worn. However, we strongly recommend the use of FFP-2 masks.

Urgent recommendation to wear FFP2 masks
We strongly recommend to wear FFP2 masks without valve only. They not only protect other people, but also offer significantly better self-protection. Another advantage: In principle, the health authorities do not assess a person as a contact person if he or she has worn an FFP2 mask throughout the encounter with an infected person. However, many factors play a role in the evaluation, which can lead to being a contact person even under this compliance, if there was contact with the infected person (distance, room size...)

Notice: FFP2 masks must always be worn if a person works in more than one zone, which is only permitted in exceptional cases. FFP-2 masks with a valve are not permitted, as exhaled aerosols are released into the ambient air through the valve. o The FFP2 masks must be certified.

Mandatory use of masks in vehicles
Employees who travel to the workplace in a vehicle together with other persons (e.g. from the same accommodation) are obliged to wear a mouth/nose covering (medical mask, FFP 2 mask), as the distance regulation cannot be observed in the vehicles. Violations of this regulation will result in consequences such as yard bans. This regulation and further information on the mask regulation can be found in the Lower Saxony Corona Regulation in § 3.

This overview shows which masks are to be worn in which situations (obligation to wear) and what protection the masks offer.

Violations of the mask requirement occur frequently, especially during shipyard access at the gates. The shipyard security will punish violations.

Reporting of corona / suspected cases

In view of the current situation with the Corona virus and virus mutations, immediate notification of suspected cases, infected persons and their contacts is imperative in order to break the chains of infection immediately.

The notification with the attached information in the new Excel template (Template Corona Information) should be sent to the email address:

Employees, of the mentioned cases below are not allowed to enter the shipyard.

The following cases are to be reported:

  • 1. Confirmed Corona - infection in a person.
  • 2. Contact persons of the infected person (from 5 minutes of contact)
  • 3.Persons with Corona symptoms (still waiting for a Corona test result)
  • 4. Contact persons of the person with corona symptoms (who is still waiting for a corona test result) (from 5 minutes of contact)
  • 5. Contact persons of a person with a positive antigen test. (from 5 minutes of contact)

Procedure in case of suspected corona infection and confirmed corona infection

Here you will find a detailed description of how to behave if a person from your company who is employed at the shipyard is suspected of having a corona infection or has a confirmed corona infection.

Description of the behaviour: German, English, Bulgarian, Russian, Polish, Italian, Greek, Romanian
Visual representation of the procedure

We ask you to instruct the employees of your company again on this procedure and, if necessary, to display the documents in the appropriate accommodation.

Maintain contact lists from 5-minute contact

Daily maintenance of contact lists remains mandatory for all employees. Only by quickly breaking the chains of infection can further spread of the coronavirus and other variants be prevented.

From now on, every encounter with one or more persons over a period of 5 minutes per day must be recorded in the contact lists - regardless of whether a mask was worn or the size of the room in which the persons were present.

We ask that you use the electronic solution to record the lists ( Alternatively, the forms can be used for manual contact entry (Download german version, Download english version).

Corona warning app

Since 17.06.2020 it is possible to use the Corona-Warn App to determine contact with infected persons more quickly and easily and to determine the risk of infection.

We hereby expressly recommend all persons employed at the shipyard to install this app and to pass on this recommendation to all persons in their environment in order to further reduce the risk of the Corona virus spreading. More detailed information can also be found in various languages on the website of the Federal Government:

Daily preventive measures

The following apply to everyone: everyone can contribute to their own protection and the protection of all colleagues by acting responsibly:

  • Keep your distance: keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other people as a precaution.
  • Washing and disinfecting hands regularly
    → There are currently delivery problems with disinfectants, even though we have already taken various measures and, for example, had MEYER TURKU fly in disinfectants. It may therefore happen that disinfectant dispensers cannot be refilled. Please make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 30 seconds.
  • Coughing and sneezing (coughing/sneezing into the crook of your arm)
  • Refrain from physical contact such as shaking hands
  • Avoids contact with people suffering from respiratory diseases
Further information is available online from the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Centre for Health Education.

Contact doctor by phone

If you have cold symptoms, do not enter the shipyard and avoid contact with other people. Please be sure to contact your family doctor by telephone.

Alternatively, you can call the medical on-call service on 116 117. Your doctor or the medical on-call service will coordinate the further procedure with you. The Corona-template including the contact persons must be filled in and sent to

2. Accommodation and the way to the shipyard

Parking areas for the late shift

Update 02.07.2021

  • Since the beginning of this week, parking areas at Gate 5 as well as on the festival grounds have been kept free for employees on the late shift in order to facilitate a quick search for parking spaces. According to employees, this is intended to equalize the parking situation during the simultaneous departure of the early shift and arrival of the late shift.
  • The number of parking spaces around the shipyard site is currently more than sufficient for the number of people at the shipyard, but this will provide a good solution for all employees.
  • Note: The parking spaces are for late shift employees only. Vehicles in the cleared areas before 11 am (morning) and after 04 am (night) will be towed if necessary.

Usage of parking space

  • We informed last week that employees who drive vans (such as transporters, minibuses, etc.) with more than two occupants are only allowed to park in the gravel parking lot on Rheiderlandstraße and on the headland at gate 5.
  • Currently, however, the forest parking lot on the opposite side of Rheiderlandstraße, where the road must be crossed directly, is also used. We would like to point out that the use of the forest parking lot is to be stopped, since crossing the street is very dangerous. This regulation will be controlled from now on. By means of the pedestrian bridge from the gravel parking lot and parking at the headland at gate 5, employees can reach the gate via a safe path. An overview can be found in the appendix (Parking_Parking Lots)
  • The stopping of vehicles with several people at the gates is still prohibited. Any violation of this regulation will be punished with a ban on shipyard premises.

Marking of vehicles with company name

Vehicles which are on the shipyard premises of MEYER WERFT must in the future be clearly marked with the name of the company where the occupants of the vehicle are employed. For this purpose, for example, a sign must be attached to the vehicle (e.g. on the window) with the name of the company, if the vehicle does not yet have a proper marking.

Von einer gemeinsamen Beförderung mit Personen aus verschieden Unterkünften ist abzusehen.

Accommodation in apartments

3. Access to the shipyard

Regulations to be observed by incoming employees

Update: 02.08.2021

Since 1 August 2021, every person returning to the country (persons aged 12 and over) must be vaccinated, recovered or tested. The new Coronavirus Entry Ordinance thus includes a general obligation to provide proof of vaccination for persons entering the country, regardless of the mode of transport and regardless of whether a previous stay in a high-risk or virus-variant area has taken place.

For entry into Germany, this means that all persons over the age of 12 must have a negative test result, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery.

The legal regulations of the Corona entry regulation and the regulations that apply on the shipyard sites of MEYER WERFT can be found in the attached PDF overview "20210628_Einreiseregelung ab Juli 2021_Regulation for entering employees as of July 2021" and must be followed by all entering employees.

The Meyer Werft regulations are again briefly summarized below:

  • Each company shall register its entering employees at the following link: -> The link is updated until Monday, but can still be used with the attached template already.
    • i. At least two working days prior to the start of work of the (re-)entering employees, the following document must be completed and uploaded on the registration page. Once the registration is done, you will receive an automatic email confirming the receipt of the registration.
      • Template: list of employee names, date of birth, date of entry, date of departure, home address, and duty-related accommodations.
    • ii. Your registration will be carefully reviewed again. You will receive an official release via email at the email address for this purpose.
  • b. All entered employees from abroad must complete a minimum of 3 antigen tests (self-tests) per week prior to starting work (including the first test prior to the start of the first day of work) for a period of two weeks.
    • For further entry regulations, please refer to the annex for details regarding the following areas:
      • a. No risk area
      • b. Risk area
        • i. Provided there is evidence (negative test result, complete vaccination, recovery), quarantine is not required.
        • c. High incidence area
          • i. For those arriving from high incidence areas (persons who have been there for the last 10 days prior to entry), a minimum of 5 days quarantine is required by law, but there is an option for working quarantine. By using the link you can make an agreement to comply with the regulations to allow you to work directly after entry. (link is updated by Monday)
          • d. Virus variant area
            • i. For those entering from virus variant areas (persons who have been there in the last 10 days prior to entry) a 14-day quarantine applies by law and therefore no access to the shipyard areas is allowed.
  • c. In the presence of corona / cold symptoms, access to the shipyard is not allowed.
  • Mask requirement in addition to the mask regulation in effect on the shipyard premises:
    • iii. During the entire period of the first two weeks after entry, registered employees are required to wear an FFP2 mask in enclosed spaces at all times and outside enclosed spaces if the distance cannot be maintained.
  • e. During the entire period of the first two weeks after entry, entry to the cafeteria is prohibited for entering employees.
Registration via is still required.

NEW: Entry regulations for commuters

New: 21.07.2021

Commuters who, for example, travel in and out of a risk area on a daily basis (the Netherlands has been a risk area since 18.07.2021) must adhere to the following regulations:

  • Self-tests must be performed at least three times per week before starting work.
    • Persons who have been vaccinated must also perform the tests.
  • The test diary must be maintained at all times, carried (see attached) and presented upon request.

Access for employees of partner companies

Three different categories of access for employees of partner companies are described in this file. The instructions must be followed at all times.

  • Category 1: Employee does NOT come from a risk area
  • Category 2: Employee comes from a risk area and has completed quarantine (according to Lower Saxony Quarantine Ordinance)
  • Category 3: Employee comes from a risk area and an agreement has been made with MEYER WERFT by the responsible partner company to facilitate the start of work.
Note: At the employee registration office (at the new Gate 5, formerly Gate 3), FFP2 masks (without a valve) are mandatory with immediate effect. Access without an appropriate mask will be denied. FFP2 masks must either be brought along or can be purchased from the partner companies at the vending machine for supplies (Würth). This is located directly next to the registration office.

New Health Questionnaire

The new questionnaire has to be filled in by employees who enter the shipyard for the first time as of today, 09.11.2020.

The current version of the questionnaire can always be found on the homepage of our website.

The questionnair was updated accordingly to the entry conditions according to the Lower Saxony Corona Regulation. We refer completely to the official data of the Robert Koch Institute with regard to entrants from risk / high incidence or virus variant areas: (


  • Every employee is responsible for following the regulations of the Lower Saxony Corona Ordinance and the regulations of the legal ordinances of the Federal Republic of Germany and to comply with the instructions of the corresponding authorities.
  • Furthermore, we ask you to point out to all employees that after visiting a risk area it is absolutely necessary to fill out the questionnaire again.
  • Further information: In case an employee from your company, who has a shipyard pass, has been in quarantine and is allowed to enter the shipyard again afterwards, this employee must also collect a visitor's pass at gate 5 for the first day. The shipyard pass is activated for the shipyard entrance, but this will not work for the first day, e.g. when entering the ship.

Access to the shipyard

Access via Gate 5
Due to reconstruction measures, access via Gate 1 and Gate 2 will no longer be possible for employees of partner companies beginning on 30.11.2020 (CW 49).

Partner companies can only enter the shipyard via Gate 5 (formerly Gate 3).

Driving ordinance at the truck gate
In the course of the updated risk analysis of the port authority, the access roads to MEYER WERFT as a port facility will be more strictly regulated in addition to the new version of the security plan. For this purpose, access regulations (“Zufahrtsordnung_Driving Ordinance”) have been drawn up, which, among other things, prescribe instructions for suppliers entering at the truck gate (gate 4). By entering the premises of MEYER WERFT the suppliers commit themselves to behave according to the access regulations. This comes into force on 01.12.2020

Cyclists of the early and late shift zone Hall 4+5
From now on, cyclists of the early and late shift zone Hall 4+5 from Weener can also use Gate 1 to enter the shipyard. Please note that this regulation applies exclusively to cyclists. For walkers in the zone Hall 4 + 5, Gate 5 (formerly gate 3) continue to be valid as entrance and exit.
All start and end times including the list of which gate is to be used can be found in this updated flyer.

4. Procedure for Corona Tests

Break tent in front of Hall 6 occupied for Corona testing from 20.10. - 21.10.2021

New: 18.10.2021

For the upcoming sea trial S.709 AIDAcosma, corona antigen tests will be carried out in the break tent in front of Hall 6 from 20.10. (04:30 CET) to 21.10.2021 (16:00 CET) inclusive.

The break tent will not be available for breaks during this period.

We therefore ask the employees of the partner companies to use the alternative break areas for these three days:

  • Break area in the supply centre
  • Canteen in Hall 6 (only for persons with an immunity certificate).

The social rooms are still not available for breaks for the partner companies. Violations of this regulation can be punished with a shipyard ban.

Corona test procedure

Update 02.07.2021

Each employee is further required to test for Corona virus twice weekly with an antigen test/self-test and document the test result. The test diary is attached.

  • a. Exemptions
i. Provided there is proof of complete vaccination or proof of recovery from Covid-19 disease, that person may exempt themselves from the testing requirement with an immunity certificate.
  • Registration for an immunity certificate can be done manually at Gate 5, at the container at the fire department, or online at
  • We would strongly recommend applying for a certificate, as this will give us a better overview of the immunity status at the yard and allow us to adjust the measures and therefore the conditions at the yard accordingly.
  • b. Obtaining the tests
i. Our partner companies have the option to procure the self-tests from us at a cost Your company will be billed for the cost of the tests.
  • Information about the collection will be sent to you by e-mail after receipt and confirmation of the order.
ii. If partner companies wish to procure a test elsewhere, please ensure that they comply with the general standards and are certified (Only BfArM listed and PEI validated tests may be used).
  • c. Only proceed to work if the test shows a negative result.
i. If the test shows a positive result, contact your supervisor and your primary care physician immediately by telephone. ii. Alternatively, you may contact the medical on-call service by calling 116 117. Do not make your way to the yard and avoid contact with others. Your doctor or the medical on-call service will coordinate the further procedure with you. iii. The Corona template with the infected person including contacts should be completed and sent to
  • d. Other Instructions
i. Random checks will be made for compliance with the implementation of self-testing.
  • Proof of procurement of tests or agreements with third parties for testing of employees must be submitted by the partner company upon request.
  • Companies that have attracted attention during previous inspections will be subject to increased inspections.
  • The test diary shall be kept at all times (see attached) and presented upon request.
ii. Violations of this regulation may result in yard bans and further consequences. iii. Daily contact lists are to continue to be maintained by all (regardless of immunity status) either manually or electronically via

5. Measures at the shipyard/at the work at the shipyard

NEW: Flexibilisation of the shift regulation as of 04.10.2021

Update 27.09.2021

The shift regulation, which was introduced at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, has provided for a division of the number of persons employed on the shipyard premises at the same time. Together with the zone regulation, fewer people were in the relevant areas at the same time and thus the risk of rapid transmission to many people was reduced.

Due to the decreasing number of cases and further measures, the zone regulation could already be relaxed at the beginning of June and a zone crossing was generally made possible under compliance with certain measures.

However, with the existing order from the district of Emsland, the shift regulation was still valid.

Now we can inform you that by assessing the current situation and adhering to the measures that continue to apply, such as the test strategy for unvaccinated persons, the mask regulation, etc., we can loosen the shift regulation from 04.10.2021 until further notice.

Due to the still existing official order, only a more flexible arrangement of working hours is possible until 31.10.2021, which allows you to align your working hours more closely with operational requirements. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to completely abolish the rigid shift regulations, divided into early and late shifts! It is currently accepted by the authorities that approx. 70-80% of the employees are on the yard in the early shift and thus approx. 20-30% of the employees work in the late shift. It is still necessary to coordinate your staffing levels for the early and late shifts with your contact person at the shipyard and have them approved. Please understand that due to the overall situation and official requirements, this cannot be decided freely by the respective company, but requires central coordination via MEYER WERFT.

This means that, as in the period before Corona, the partner companies can, in compliance with the generally applicable regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the contractual conditions, assign the employees of their company to suitable working hours in coordination with the responsible contact persons on the part of MEYER WERFT.

Further notes:

  • The shift stickers on the shipyard cards are no longer valid (the stickers do not have to be exchanged or removed).
  • We would like to ask you once again to inform all employees of your company of this and to recommend that they apply for an immunity certificate if they have recovered or have been fully vaccinated.

With this certificate we can better assess the situation and the relevant regulations at the shipyard and you will get better conditions at the shipyard, such as no more regular tests.

NEW: Closure of break tent 1

New: 23.07.2021

  • Break tent 1 on the pier will be dismantled shortly.
  • Replacement areas will be created in the former logistics hall (next to the workshop on the pier) which can be used for breaks.
  • Breaks may only take place in these designated areas.

NEW: Improvement of working conditions and protection through a high immunity rate

The corona prevention measures serve to protect the health of all persons employed on MEYER WERFT's shipyard premises. This is to prevent further infections in the best possible way. Thus, the persons in the private environment of the employees are also protected by complying with the measures.

Immunization, for example through vaccination, also represents a major protection.

Therefore, this should be considered as a recommended measure to protect oneself and others and to facilitate working conditions at the shipyard.

The risk of work absences due to quarantine periods and more difficult entry conditions is significantly reduced by means of vaccination.

However, we can only facilitate the actions at the shipyard if we have a good overview of the status of immunization, and can better assess the situation and the risk of further infections.

Therefore, we ask you to actively support that the measures are adapted and the conditions for the employees are better by sending us the status of immunization of your company through the following link until Thursday 22.07.2021:

For individuals in your company who have not yet received an offer for Corona vaccination or for whom the second vaccination is pending and not yet scheduled, we would like to facilitate a free vaccination offer.

We will contact you promptly with further information if you are interested.

NEW: Opening of Canteen II in Hall 6 - Consumption of food only for persons with an immunity certificate

Update 28.07.2021

The current low infection figures now make it possible to open Canteen II. Canteen I will remain closed for the time being.

Use of the canteen is only possible in compliance with the following regulations:

a. presentation of immunity certificate
Since Wednesday, 28.07.2021, the consumption of food in the canteen will only be allowed for persons who are recovered or can prove full vaccination protection and the immunity certificate.

b. Mask obligation

  • Masks must be worn when entering the cafeteria, including the stairwell.
  • The mask can be removed at the table.

b. Contact tracing

  • In order to be able to trace possible contacts in the event of infection, each visitor signs in at a terminal with his or her stamp card when entering the cafeteria.
  • When leaving the canteen, each visitor signs out again.

c. Distance rule

  • All visitors to the cafeteria must observe the spacing rules at all times while in the cafeteria.
  • Tables and chairs have been placed with adequate spacing. The arrangement may not be changed.

d. Limitation of the number of persons

  • The maximum number of people inside the canteen is limited. We ask for your understanding that access will be blocked when this number of people is reached.
  • The break tent will continue to be available as a fallback option.

A "to-go sale" will be made possible at the start of the morning shift. No proof is required to be presented in the morning for to-go sales. Canteen must be left immediately after purchase. Consumption is no longer permitted in the cafeteria without proof.

Use of the changing rooms from 01.07.2021

Update 28.06.2021:

The locker rooms may be used again as of 07.01.2021 subject to the following regulations:

  • The locker room areas may only be entered immediately prior to the start of the shift and at the end of the shift
  • Masks must be worn at all times while in the changing areas
  • The distance rules must be observed
  • The time spent in the changing area must be kept as short as possible
  • The showers remain closed
  • Violations of these rules may result in a ban from the yard and may lead to the closure of the premises.
  • Contact to rent a locker:
    • E-mail:
    • Mobile: +49 160 94 718911
    • Speed dial: 87911

The recreation rooms on the shipyard premises will be closed for our partner companies. This measure is important because the changing areas lead to a gathering of people from different areas.

  • Up to and including Tuesday 16.02.2021, employees will have the opportunity to vacate the lockers.
  • Thus, there will be no locker rent due.
  • As of Wednesday 17.02.2021, the areas and lockers will be closed.
  • For employees who have not yet had the opportunity to clear the lockers then, the following telephone numbers are to be contacted to have the lockers opened: During the day: +49 4961 81 5666, In the evening / at night: +49 4961 81 6751

S.709 "AIDAcosma": sea trial under almost normal conditions

Update 16.06.2021

Since vaccinated persons only very rarely pass on the virus to other persons, only very rarely fall ill themselves and, in the event of infection, generally only have mild courses of the disease, we aim to take only vaccinated persons on the sea trial.

In order to achieve this aim, we ask the sea trial participants who have already been determined today and all persons who may be required for the sea trial to make an effort to arrange a vaccination appointment at short notice in order to make an immune sea trial possible. Of course, this implies a willingness to be vaccinated on the part of the persons. We expressly point out that each person can decide voluntarily whether he or she wishes to be vaccinated.

In addition, we ask all partner companies to actively support their employees in arranging a vaccination appointment with their company doctors, the doctors in private practice or in the vaccination centers.

According to current plans, participation in the sea trial is only possible with proof of immunization. We ask you to take this note into account when planning the deployment of your employees for the sea trial.

Immunization instructions and schedule leading up to the sea trial:

  • For individuals who have completed a Corona infection, the earliest opportunity to be vaccinated is 6 months after completion of the illness.

  • Please note that vaccination must always be voluntary.

  • According to the latest version of the vaccination ordinance, persons can now also be vaccinated who do not have German citizenship but have their main place of residence in the Federal Republic of Germany or are employed in the Federal Republic of Germany.

  • Due to the required intervals between the first and second vaccination and taking into account the vacation season as well as the currently still insufficient supply of vaccines, it is necessary to become active in this matter as soon as possible. The following diagram illustrates the scheduling dependencies:

To allow for better planning, please advise those already determined or expected to participate to register via the following link and provide your current immunization status:

The schedule in Friday's email indicates that the first vaccinations (with Biontech, AstraZeneca and Moderna) should be done no later than week 30 to allow for full vaccination for the trial. With Johnson & Johnson the latest vaccination is still possible in week 37.

Therefore, we ask you to send us feedback via the link by week 28 at the latest.

Zone regulations and shift & break times

Update: 07.06.2021

1. Adjustment of our zone regulations

a. Zone division

  • Halls 4, 5 and 6 form a common zone. This zone also includes the pier.
  • Within Hall 6, S.709 has been declared as a separate zone. Access to the zone is via the arrows and hatched areas shown on the general plan.
  • Work on S.709 to be done from the allowance side can of course be done from there.
  • The pipe centre forms its own zone.
  • The laser centre forms a zone of its own.

b. Organisation on the pier

  • All employees working on the component/vessel located at the pier shall enter the zone through a separate gate at the fence at roundabout gate 1.
  • From the zone, workers have the possibility to reach the workshop at the pier.
  • Cross-zone workers with the appropriate sticker on their stamp card, will have access via the turnstile at the rear of the Visitor Centre. (for further information - see no. 2)

c. How is the zone affiliation marked? (reminder)

  • All workers will continue to receive a sticker for their time card through their manager to indicate zone affiliation.
  • The existing stickers for the zones on the time cards remain valid.
  • There will be different stickers per zone and shift group.
  • Only one zone sticker is allowed per time card. (for further information - see no. 2)

d. How is a permanent zone change organised? (reminder)

  • The permanent zone change is currently only possible over a week of night shift as a "rotating shift".
  • Alternatively, the zone can be changed with 5 days absence from the yard.
  • Permission to change zones is granted exclusively by the responsible managers at MEYER WERFT, from whom the required sticker can also be obtained.

2. Zone affiliation and authorisation to transfer zones

  • As a rule, only the managers/construction supervisors of the partner companies are authorised to cross zones.
  • Up to now, the entitlement to cross zones has been regulated by various stickers on the stamp cards. These stickers are no longer valid as of calendar week 20 / 2021.
  • The new stickers will be specifically issued only to the authorised persons.
    • Employees who are entitled to cross the zone will receive an additional sticker to mark the zone to which they belong.
  • Partner companies:
    • The required stickers for partner companies are to be requested from MEYER PORT 4 by the responsible department heads of MEYER WERFT, stating the required number.
    • Authorised employees of the partner companies shall receive brief instructions from the responsible MEYER WERFT manager on the correct behaviour when crossing the zone.
  • Shipping companies:
    • The required stickers for shipping company representatives are to be requested from MEYER PORT 4 by the responsible project managers, stating the required number.
    • The responsible project manager is responsible for the targeted distribution of the stickers and the implementation of a brief instruction on the correct behaviour when crossing the zone.
  • The instruction will be carried out by the responsible MEYER WERFT manager. All further information will be provided during the instruction.
  • How are the stickers to be affixed?
    • The stickers will only be issued to the persons authorised to cross the zone after they have been instructed by the responsible managers.
    • Old stickers are to be removed from the card > The red "Corona sticker", which indicates that the employee has already completed the health questionnaire once, remains on the card!
    • The new stickers are to be placed directly on the time card (not on the protective cover). Care must be taken to ensure that the name and personnel number remain legible.

3. Relaxation of zone regulation (since 07.06.2021)

Zone crossings will now be permitted for instructed persons complying protective measures, if a zone crossing is necessary.

The instruction can be found here. The following must be observed:

  • When crossing zones, an FFP2 mask must be worn outside the master zone.
  • The FFP2 mask must be worn correctly so that it covers both the mouth and the nose and fits tightly to the face.
  • The distance rules must be strictly observed (min. 1.5m distance to other persons).
  • Contact with other persons is to be avoided as far as possible.
  • The stay in another zone is to be kept as short as possible.
  • Breaks are only permitted within the core zone.
  • Smoking breaks are only permitted within the core zone.
  • The master zone stickers remain on the time cards.

Note: Violations of these regulations will be punished with a shipyard ban.

4. Shift and break times

Shift times

Overview of shift times:
Early shift: 04:30 (earliest shift start) to 13:00 (latest shift end)
Late shift / night shift: 14:00 (earliest shift start) to 00:30

Break times

Early shift
Late shift
Night shift
(Break in break tent 2)
08:00 – 08:30
09:00 – 09:30
17:00 – 17:30
18:00 – 18:30
01:00 – 01:30
S.705 (Dock)
(Break in break tent 2)
10:00 – 10:30 19:00 – 19:30 02:00 – 02:30
S.705 (Pier)
(Break in break tent 1)
09:00 – 09:30
11:00 – 11:30
18:00 – 18:30
20:00 – 20:30
01:00 – 01:30
03:00 – 03:30
Zulage Halle 5+6 + Halle 4
(Break in break tent 2)
11:00 – 11:30 20:00 – 20:30 03:00 – 03:30
(Break in assigned area)
09:00 – 09:30
10:00 – 10:30
17:00 – 17:30
18:00 – 18:30
01:00 – 01:30
(Break in assigned area)
07:30 – 08:00
08:30 – 09:00
09:30 – 10:00
16:30 – 17:00
17:15 – 17:45
18:15 – 18:45
00:30 – 01:00
01:30 – 02:00

  • Logistics staff on the allowances and in Hall 4 take a break together with the allowance and Hall 4 in break tent 2.
  • Logistics staff assigned to the KTR in Hall 6 take a break in break tent 2 at the cost unit times
  • Logistics employees at the pier take a break together with the cost unit break times at the pier in break tent 1
  • Logistics staff in the MW-LZ and MW-RZ take a break in the assigned break areas during the break times in the respective area.


  • Smoking areas are assigned to the respective zones and can be found on the attached general plan.
  • Only smoking areas in the assigned zone may be used.
  • Seating in the smoking areas is limited to maintain the minimum distance between people. Appropriate floor markings must be observed.
  • The smoking areas on Rheiderlandstraße shall remain closed. Alternatives will be created.

4. Shift division

The following regulations regarding the assignment of the shifts must be followed:

  • 1. Partner companies with at least two site managers and more than 20 employees in one zone must divide their groups into an early and late shift.
    • Please inform your corresponding contact person from production immediately about the number of employees per zone and per shift.

      Example: Partner company XY employs two site managers and 23 employees at the shipyard.

      Uneven week Even week
      shift group 1 Early shift | 11 persons Late shift | 11 persons
      shift group 2 Late shift | 12 persons Early shift | 12 persons
        =23 persons = 23 persons

  • 2. Partner companies with only one site manager and less than 20 employees in one zone, please choose one of the two shifts and inform the corresponding contact person.
    • Note: If too many partner companies decide to work the early shift, we are forced to limit the number of construction workers due to a too high attendance, and thus we need to assign a shift to some companies.
      • There is a shift change between the early and late shift in a weekly rhythm.
        (The night shift is excluded from the shift change).

  • 3. The clear allocation to zone and shift by means of marking (with stickers) on your time cards makes it possible to check compliance with the rules in future.
    • We ask you to register your employees at least 24 hours in advance with the responsible construction manager of the shipyard. He will then hand over the required stickers to the site manager of your company.

Separate zones S.709 and S.705

  • Beginning in Week 17, S.709 and S.705 will be divided as separate zones.
    • The S. 705 floating section at the equipment pier will also be part of the blue zone.
    • The green zone stickers for zone S. 709 can be obtained from your responsible Meyer Werft site supervisors.
  • Please allocate your employees to one of the two zones.
  • Zone changes are only possible after a week's absence or a week's work on the night shift.
  • Only one zone sticker is allowed per shipyard pass.
  • Random control of zone stickers will be conducted within the zones as of 29.04.2021.
  • From week 17 onwards, there will be an additional entrance (see photo attached) in the fence at the traffic circle in front of the visitors' center (as already at S. 713) for the employees who are mainly deployed on the floating part of S. 705; furthermore, a separate break tent will be provided in this area.
  • Violations will result in yard bans.

Access to floating section.

Forming fixed work groups

If employees work together with other persons, these work groups are to be strictly maintained. Mixing with other teams is not permitted. Care must also be taken in the accommodation to prevent contact with other work groups.

Regulations for using lifts

The Alimak lifts located in the halls are again open for passenger transport. The following rules must be observed:

  • Maximum 5 persons in one cabin
  • Masks are mandatory in the cabin
  • Passenger transport only in upward direction, no passenger transport in downward direction
  • To maintain the necessary distance between people, markings are placed in the cabins · The length of the queue is limited by a marker. Queuing beyond this limit is not allowed. Please continue to use the stairs if the queue is too long.
If these rules are not observed, the transport of people will be stopped.

The elevators in office buildings are available only for persons with physical disabilities or for the transport of materials.

No longer closing times in smoking areas

Since the organizational processes and the number of employees at the shipyard have now been consolidated in the course of our zone concept, it is possible for us to lift the curfews in the smoking zones again.

In this way, we achieve a further equalization of use and can thus prevent crowding even better. The spacing rules and maximum capacities in the smoking zones will of course continue to apply and will be monitored as before.

Should there be any difficulties with implementation, we reserve the right to reintroduce the original closing times.We are working with all our might to ensure a safe working environment for everyone working on the shipyard premises. To do this, we rely on the support of each and every one of you. We all have a responsibility to protect each other. It is absolutely essential to maintain an adequate safety distance of at least 1.50 m - even in the open air and in smoking areas. Unfortunately, this rule was not observed without control.

In each smoking area there is a notice indicating the maximum number of people. Violations of the distance rule and the smoking ban on the shipyard outside marked zones will be prosecuted and strictly punished:

  • Employees of partner companies: 5 working days shipyard ban.
  • MEYER Group employees: any violation will be investigated under labor law and result in disciplinary action.
Smoking within a hazardous area where there is a risk of fire will be punished by a shipyard ban of 2 years.As a guide, markings will be placed in the smoking areas at 1.5 meter intervals. Should there be an increase in violations, we reserve the right to completely close the smoking areas for safety reasons and to declare a smoking ban on the entire shipyard.

Starting up the vending machines

The vending machines for cold drinks will be gradually put back into operation at monday, 6th of July. The following rules apply:

  • In any queues that may form a minimum distance of 1.5 to 2 metres from other people must be kept.
  • The consumption of beverages in the area around the vending machines is prohibited.
  • It is also forbidden to form crowds of people to consume the drinks together.

If the rules are not observed, the vending machines will be taken out of operation again.

Reporting system for disinfectant dispensers

All disinfectant dispensers on the shipyard are marked with a number. This makes it easier to report damaged or empty dispensers to our Corona hotline or to the info points on the shipyard.

News about Corona

Via video messages, management and responsible persons inform about new measures and the fast changing situation at the shipyard

Videos: News about Corona