Coronavirus prevention
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In order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus on the shipyard site, we are taking various measures. Our aim: to act with foresight, take precautions and ensure the safety of our employees.

We use this site to inform our partners about current developments. From now on, information for our employees can be found in our new Info-Portal.

Correct behaviour

News about Corona

Via video messages, management and responsible persons inform about new measures and the fast changing situation at the shipyard

Videos: News about Corona

Our prevention measures (01.07.2020)

Strict control in smoking areas

Closing times in smoking areas abolished
As the organisational processes and the number of employees at the shipyard have now been consolidated in the course of our zone concept, we are able to lift the curfew times in the smoking zones again. In this way, we achieve a further equalisation of use and can thus prevent crowds of people even better. The distance rules and maximum capacities in the smoking zones naturally continue to apply and will be monitored as before.
Should there be any difficulties in implementation, we reserve the right to reintroduce the original closing times.
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We work hard to ensure a safe working environment for all persons working at the shipyard. To achieve this, we are reliant on the support of every single person. We all have the responsibility to protect each other. A sufficient safety distance of at least 1.50 m is mandatory - also in the fresh air and in the smoking areas. Unfortunately, this rule was not observed without controls.

From Friday, April 3, all smoking areas will be monitored constantly. Once the maximum number of persons has been reached, no further persons will be allowed to enter. Any violations of the distance regulation and the smoking ban at the shipyard outside of designated zones will be pursued and strictly punished:

  • Employees of partner companies: 5 working days shipyard ban
  • Employees of the MEYER Group: Any violation will be investigated under labour law and lead to disciplinary action.
Smoking within a danger zone where the risk of fire exists will be punished with a 2-year shipyard ban.

As an orientation aid, markings are placed at a distance of 1.5 metres in the smoking areas. Should there be more violations, we reserve the right to close the smoking areas completely for safety reasons and to declare a smoking ban on the entire shipyard.

Break rooms for partner companies

As announced, from Thursday 09.07.2020 on, we will provide the employees of your company with areas attached as break rooms. Please note the following information.
Break areas

① = Tent 1; space for a maximum of 237 people
② = Tent 2, space for a maximum of 93 people

Due to the maximum capacity of 330 people who can use the break tents at the same time, it is necessary to divide your employees evenly among the break times available per shift. These can be found in the attachments ("20200707_Times_Shifts and Breaks") and are to be considered with the following allocation of shift groups:

Assignment of the shift groups: Shift group 1 (odd calendar weeks: early shift; even calendar weeks: late shift) Shift group 2 (odd calendar weeks: late shift; even calendar weeks: early shift)

By the end of calendar week 29, your employees will receive a sticker in the break tents during their visits, which indicates that they belong to a break group. Since we assume that not all employees use the tents during their breaks, we spend about 100 stickers per break time more than there are places available. If, contrary to expectations, all available places are occupied during a break, for further persons access is denied. We ask for your understanding.

Organizational subjects:
· The break tents may only be used by the assigned persons within the assigned break times.
· Posters at the entrances to the tents indicate the break groups entitled to access.
· Upon entry, security guards check whether the employees are authorised to use the break time (identification of zone and shift affiliation as well as the identification of the break group is checked).
· If the tent is completely filled, people waiting in front of the tent will be turned away.
· Masks must be worn when accessing the break tent and inside the tent.
· The mask may only be taken off for food intake.
· The distance of 1,5-2m to other persons has to be observed.
· The arrangement of the chairs and tables may not be changed.
· At the end of the break the places have to be left tidy; waste has to be disposed in the provided waste containers.
· The break time is to be ended punctually, as all tables will be cleaned and disinfected after each break.
· For reasons of protection against infection, ventilation of the tent is provided (depending on weather conditions). Any draughts that may occur are to be accepted.
· The instructions of the security staff must be followed.
· In the event of violations of the applicable rules, we reserve the right to issue a ban on shipyards against the affected employees.

In the interest of your employees, please support us in the organisation of the break tents by providing comprehensive information and by carefully allocating your employees to the breaks (evenly distributed over the break times).

We reserve the right to close the tents again at any time if we discover that the allocation to the break times was not carried out by you as expected.

Contact details of employees in the event of a Corona outbreak

In order to be prepared for a possible Corona outbreak in the region or at the shipyard in the best possible way, we would like to ask you to collect and keep available the addresses of the accommodation of your employees who are employed on the premises of MEYER Werft and further contact details. As we have seen in other recent cases, breaking the chain of infection is the key to contain further infections.

This information is used exclusively to be able to fully identify the exact chain of contacts in the event of an infection, even beyond the working activities on the shipyard premises.

The attached form "20200630_Contact information of persons employed on premises of MEYER WERFT" can be used to collect the relevant information of your employees.

The completed form is not be returned to us!If the corresponding authorities require this information in case of infection, you will be informed separately.

Please note: In case of a Corona outbreak and a corresponding request for the provision of contact details, the suppliers are responsible for the availability of the contact details of the persons employed, also of their subcontractors (subcontractors). Please ensure that this information is available in case of an outbreak.

We would like to point out that it is recommended that your employees are accommodated in single rooms to Contain infections. If you have any questions regarding the hygiene concept and accommodation of employees, the local health authorities can be contacted.

Corona warning app

Since 17.06.2020 it is possible to use the Corona-Warn App to determine contact with infected persons more quickly and easily and to determine the risk of infection.

We hereby expressly recommend all persons employed at the shipyard to install this app and to pass on this recommendation to all persons in their environment in order to further reduce the risk of the Corona virus spreading. More detailed information can also be found in various languages on the website of the Federal Government:

Starting up the vending machines

The vending machines for cold drinks will be gradually put back into operation at monday, 6th of July. The following rules apply:

  • In any queues that may form a minimum distance of 1.5 to 2 metres from other people must be kept.
  • The consumption of beverages in the area around the vending machines is prohibited.
  • It is also forbidden to form crowds of people to consume the drinks together.

If the rules are not observed, the vending machines will be taken out of operation again.

Relaxation of the mask obligation

Lifting of the obligation to wear masks in the following areas:

Due to the size and the natural ventilation of the halls, the risk of infection by aerosols is low. The general obligation to wear masks in the halls will therefore be lifted.

Workshops (e.g. decentralised workshops)
In workshops, the general obligation to wear masks is lifted.

Managers decide
No generally applicable regulation can be made for workplaces located in the areas listed below. In this case the management of MEYER WERFT will decide on the basis of a risk assessment in which working areas a mask obligation will be ordered or cancelled.

  • Laserzentrum and Rohrzentrum
  • Blocks
  • On board of our ships

Tool shops and small parts storage
Employees working in tool shops and small parts stores are excluded from the general mask obligation. Visitors must continue to wear a mouth-nose cover.

Office areas
The individual assessment of office workplaces, which has already begun, will be continued. The decision on how many workplaces in an office may be occupied without the use of masks will be posted at the entrances to the offices. In general, the general obligation to wear masks will be maintained in jointly used rooms (e.g. corridors, kitchens, meeting rooms, copy/printer rooms). Furthermore, visitors in rooms outside their fixed workplace are obliged to wear a mouth-nose cover.

Please continue to consistently use video conferencing for meetings. Please ventilate rooms regularly, if possible. Observe the recommendations for wearing and cleaning mouth-nose covers.

Regulations for using lifts

Use the stairs. The elevators in office buildings are available only for persons with physical disabilities or for the transport of materials.

The Alimak lifts located in the halls will be reopened for passenger transport probably in the mid of calendar week 26. The following rules apply:

  • Maximum 5 persons in one cabin
  • Passenger transport only in upward direction; no passenger transport in downward direction
  • Markings are placed in the cabins to maintain the necessary distance between people
  • In any queues that may form, the minimum distance of 1.5 to 2 metres to other people must be maintained
  • The length of the queue is limited by a marker. Queuing beyond this limit is not permitted. Please continue to use the stairs if the queue is too long.

If the rules are not observed or long queues form, the transport of persons will be stopped.

Query before entering the shipyard - New questionnaire

We have updated the questionnaire with regard to the specifications of the Robert Koch Institute. We do not need to repeat the query (including the allocation of stickers). The new questionnaire is valid for all future requests at the gate and thus for all persons who enter the shipyard from now on. You will always find the current questionnaire on the start page of our website.

New regulation at the gates

Leaving the shipyard was previously allowed without registration of the exits. Since Monday 25.05.2020, separation systems have been installed at the gates in test operation in order to control the exits from the shipyard. All persons have to leave the shipyard with a booking at these systems. With this measure we want to ensure that in case of an evacuation, which persons are still at the shipyard.

At gate 1 the following regulation also applies:

  • In the time between 12:00 and 12:10, gate 1 will be closed for car traffic until further notice.
  • Passengers will leave the shipyard via the separation system with booking.
  • Cyclists can leave the shipyard via the car exit with booking. For this purpose, the card readers mounted on the right and left of the barriers with the inscription "Ausfahrt" (exit) must be used. The security personnel will assist with this procedure.
Please always keep a safety distance of at least 1.5 metres. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to wear a mouth-nose cover even when leaving the shipyard.

Procedure in case of suspected corona infection and confirmed corona infection

Here you will find a detailed description of how to behave if a person from your company who is employed at the shipyard is suspected of having a corona infection or has a confirmed corona infection.

Description of the behaviour: German, English, Bulgarian, Russian, Polish, Italian, Greek, Romanian
Visual representation of the procedure

We ask you to instruct the employees of your company again on this procedure and, if necessary, to display the documents in the appropriate accommodation.

Partner companies update a daily contact list

In case of an infection with the coronavirus, it is crucial to identify all contact persons of the infected person as quickly as possible. A contact list maintained on a daily basis enables quick and targeted action in the event of an infection.

As of May 4, as a first step, all employees of our partner companies are requested to list persons with whom they have had contact for more than 15 minutes a day at a distance of less than 1.5 meters. The contact lists will be collected for each zone and stored in accordance with the data protection guidelines.

In a second step, all employees are asked to keep a contact list. For this purpose, an agreement with the works council has to be reached.

Changing rooms for employees who work in very dirty conditions

By introducing the 6-hour shift without a break in production, we closed the canteens and recreation rooms in order to reduce the number of contact persons. The use of the personal lockers as well as the common rooms is therefore no longer permitted. In order to give employees who work under extreme dirty conditions (e.g. blasting work) the opportunity to wash themselves anyway, the following recreation rooms remain open for these employees:

  • Hall 5: Recreation rooms 7 and 8
  • Hall 6: Recreation room 88 and 89
Even in these rooms, access to the lockers is not possible or permitted. The sanitary facilities can be used by the affected employees.

Reporting system for disinfectant dispensers

All disinfectant dispensers on the shipyard are marked with a number. This makes it easier to report damaged or empty dispensers to our Corona hotline or to the info points on the shipyard.

Access and departure to/from the shipyard

  • From now on, cyclists of the early and late shift zone Hall 4+5 from Weener can also use Gate 1 to enter the shipyard. Please note that this regulation applies exclusively to cyclists. For walkers in the zone Hall 4 + 5, Gate 3 and the truck gate continue to be valid as entrance and exit.
    All start and end times including the list of which gate is to be used can be found in this updated flyer.
  • The access for cars from the Rheiderlandstraße in the direction of gate 2 is closed from 5 to 6:30 and from 13:30 to 14:15 until further notice. Via the first lane at gate 2, the exit towards the motorway is allowed as soon as the traffic has left.
  • Picking up and dropping off employees is now only possible via the new parking lot on the other side of the Rheiderlandstraße.
  • Cars with more than two people are not allowed to access the parking areas and areas outside the gates. For them only the new gravel parking lot is available.

Avoiding gatherings of people

The current situation and the new zone concept demand a lot from all of us.

  • In order to avoid delays at the gates, we are providing a further access possibility: At Gate 1 the rolling gate at Hall 6 is also available as an additional option for entering and exiting the shipyard.
  • A personnel guidance system is currently being introduced in front of the rolling gate at gate 1 in order to further equalize the passenger traffic at the beginning of the shift and to maintain the distance of 1.5 m. A "snake course" is being set up, such as is familiar from leisure parks, for example.
  • Many employees of zone Hall 6 on the early shift enter the shipyard via Gate 1 and Gate 2. Note that the truck gate and Gate 3 are also permitted entrances for this shift and zone. We achieve shorter waiting times and prevent gathering of people by a more homogenous distribution.
  • Employees coming to the gates from ND Coatings should also use Gate 3 or the truck gate. From now on, staff will point out the right way in the morning and assist with the distribution to the gates.
We are dependent on your help and appeal to your common sense. We all have the responsibility to act now so that we can overcome this crisis together as healthy as possible.

Mark employees by shift/zone

Employees are marked corresponding to their assigned zone and shift. They will receive an additional sticker for their stamp card. The stickers have different colors, depending on the zone.

***Due to frequently asked questions we would like to point out again that the stickers for the zones are ADDITIONAL stickers. The previous sticker, which proves that the current questionnaire has been completed, must remain on the stamp card.***

Why is the labelling done?
We have noticed that not all persons follow the established rules (zone assignments are disregarded, shift assignments are ignored). Due to the clear assignment to zone and shift, the compliance with the rules can be checked from now on.

How is the marking done?
The assignment to the zone is done by using the colour according to the zone plan.
For the zones Hall 4 + 5, Hall 6 and for Logistics, the stickers contain further identification drawings:
1 = Shift group 1 (early shift in uneven weeks and late shift in even weeks)
2 = Shift group 2 (early shift in even weeks und late shift in uneven weeks)
N = Night shift (especially for employees of partner companies)
F = Employees without shift
Employees in all other zones receive stickers in their zone colour without further identification. For employees of Laser Center and Tube Center (incl. ND Coatings Conservation Hall) the agreed shift models are still valid.

This graphic explains the marking with stickers for the shifts and zones.

How are the stickers distributed?
The zone managers distribute the sticker to the responsible supervisors. After receiving the stickers, the supervisors inform their employees and the partner companies in their area and distribute the stickers accordingly.

How do employees who are currently not at the shipyard get their stickers?
If a currently absent employee returns to the shipyard, he receives his sticker from his direct supervisor.
Partner companies register their employees at least 24 hours in advance at the responsible supervisor. He then hands over the required stickers to the site manager of the partner company.

What is the control procedure?
Our security staff is requested to carry out random checks. Employees therefore have to wear their shipyard pass in a clearly visible manner and show it at the gates as usual. Employees of the partner companies do not wear the correct sticker one hour after the start of the shift are suspended for 5 working days.

What are the sanctions?
Failure to the established rules will not be accepted for reasons of safety of all employees working at the yard. For our own employees, violations have consequences under labour law; for employees of partner companies, we reserve the right to issue an immediate ban from the shipyard.

When will the marking be implemented?
We start distributing the stickers towards the end of week 13/2020. By the middle of week 14/2020 all employees should have received their stickers. From 01.04.2020, the controls on the shipyard premises will be implemented.

Flyer incl. working hours (ATTENTION: change of shifts Hall 4/Hall 5)

Adjusted starting times in production areas

In order to further straighten out the situation at the gates, the start and end times of the shifts in the zone Hall 4 + Hall 5 were adjusted once again. The new working times can be seen in this updated flyer (see red marking). The working hours are valid from 30 March 2020.

Keep distance

Please keep a distance of at least 1.50 m to your fellow human beings.

One-way control on S.713 and S.715
The minimum distance of 1.50 m cannot be maintained on the gangways, so the gangways were converted into either an entrance or exit. Observe the signs on the gangways.
During shift changes, the one-way regulation is loosened due to the high number of people in order to prevent the gathering of people.

Markings in front of the gates
Corridors with barriers were built in front of the gates as an access route. These corridors are so small that two people cannot stand or walk next to each other. In addition, markings have been sprayed on the ground with a distance of 1.50 metres to help the employees to keep the distance control.
This measure allows access to the shipyard with a controlled booking at the turnstiles.
The security staff will check that these distances are observed and, if necessary, issue a ban on entering the shipyard if they are not followed.

Registration times for workers by zone

The registration of new employees of partner companies has to be done for a certain zone from now on. The schedule below specifies when employees of which zone can hand in their documents and watch the security film. In this way we prevent contact between employees from different zones even before they enter the shipyard. Stick to the timetable and only order employees from partner companies to register at the time that suits the zone.

Zone Time
Hall 6 7:00
Ship 7:30
Logistic 8:00
Pipe center 8:30
Laser center 9:00
Hall 4 + Hall 5 + Offices Hall 5 T1 9:30
Site office / IT 10:00
Human Resources 10:15
Administration 10:30
Education 10:30

Division of the shipyard into zones

We are currently in phase 4. Since Thursday 19 March we have been dividing the yard into zones. This measure was originally planned for phase 4.5. We have decided to bring this measure forward to phase 4, as the zoning will allow us to further avoid the number of contact persons on the shipyard. At the moment, no further employees of the shipyard have been infected with the coronavirus.

Flyer for the division of the shipyard into zones incl. access times, shipyard plan including zones

Canteens closed

Our canteens are closed until further notice.

Contact doctor by phone

If you have cold symptoms, please do not introduce yourself personally to our company doctor. Please contact her or your family doctor by telephone.

Daily preventive measures

The following apply to everyone: everyone can contribute to their own protection and the protection of all colleagues by acting responsibly:

  • Keep your distance: keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other people as a precaution.
  • Washing and disinfecting hands regularly
    → There are currently delivery problems with disinfectants, even though we have already taken various measures and, for example, had MEYER TURKU fly in disinfectants. It may therefore happen that disinfectant dispensers cannot be refilled. Please make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 30 seconds.
  • Coughing and sneezing (coughing/sneezing into the crook of your arm)
  • Refrain from physical contact such as shaking hands
  • Avoids contact with people suffering from respiratory diseases
Further information is available online from the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Centre for Health Education.