SuperStar Virgo

SuperStar Virgo

MEYER WERFT delivered the second ship in the Leo Class, SuperStar Virgo, to Star Cruises in August 1999 – four weeks earlier than originally planned. Since then, SuperStar Leo’s sister ship has mainly been cruising around the South China Sea.

The cruise ships in the Leo Class – SuperStar Leo and SuperStar Virgo – were specifically designed for the Asian market with a whole range of highlights, such as the stunning atria that form the architectural heart of the luxury liners. These extend over seven decks and house numerous restaurants, bars and shops. The large theatres, each with around 1,000 seats, were also seen as flagship projects at the time the vessels in the Leo Class were delivered. The white mammoths feature pools, spas, gyms, basketballs courts, golf driving nets and running tracks.
SuperStar Leo and SuperStar Virgo were also the world’s first ever cruise ships with a helicopter landing pad.

The 270-metre-long SuperStar Virgo was redeveloped, completely refurbished and renamed “Explorer Dream” in early 2019 under the flag of Dream Cruises.

76,800 GT
268 m
Width on frames
32.2 m
Total Engine Power
58,800 kW
Cruising Speed
24 kn
Passenger Cabins
Production Series
Leo Class
Cruise Line
Star Cruises

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