MEYER WERFT hands over Norwegian Encore

Bremerhaven/Papenburg, 30 October 2019 - Today MEYER WERFT handed over the 169,245 GRT cruise ship Norwegian Encore to Norwegian Cruise Line (Miami, USA) in Bremerhaven following extensive testing of all machinery and systems, sea trials and intensive crew training. Norwegian Encore is the third vessels delivered by MEYER WERFT in 2019.

Norwegian Encore offers ultra-modern gastronomy and many exciting attrac-tions including a large go-cart track. Pool highlights include two slides extend-ing down several decks and double ocean loops protruding beyond the side of the ship. The luxurious interior, latest technical equipment and outstanding service with a crew of about 1,700 persons, promise a first-class recreation and relaxation experience.

The technical equipment for a perfect entertainment on board is standard for cruise ships built in Papenburg. But the ship offers more than just unique en-tertainment. Many technical measures to protect the environment ensure pas-sengers can enjoy a lovely holiday while at the same time showing responsibil-ity for the environment, illustrated clearly by features including the electric pod propulsion drive and improved hydrodynamics, together with many energy sav-ing systems such as heat recovery or extensive water cleaning systems. The exhaust gas from energy-efficient engines is cleaned in a special scrubber system.

“Norwegian Encore is the third cruise ship we deliver in 2019. I am proud and thankful for the contribution of our employees and partners”, said Tim Meyer, Managing Director of Meyer Werft.

Following delivery, Norwegian Encore will be leaving Bremerhaven for South-ampton, where the ship will be presented to the public for the first time. The ship will be christened on 21 November 2019 in Miami by Kelly Clarkson, an American singer.


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