Passenger Ships for Indonesia

Between the years 1983 and 2008, MEYER WERFT built arguably the largest ever series of passenger ships for the island state of Indonesia. Since then, the fleet of 24 passenger ships has been travelling back and forth between the islands and making significant improvements to the country’s infrastructure.

Ships used for liner services in Indonesia have to meet certain requirements. In addition to standard modern facilities, they also need highly robust and durable technology and a route concept. Our shipbuilders in Papenburg faced this challenge with the help of Dr Werner Rutz, professor of economic geography at the University of Bochum, who worked with our team to develop a concept for the liner service.

A total of 24 passenger ships between 6,000 and 15,100 GT have been constructed in Papenburg to date. The oldest ship, the almost 100-metre-long Kelimutu, can accommodate over 900 passengers. The latest and largest ship, the Gunung Dempo, was completed in 2008 and can transport 100 containers and more than 1,500 passengers in various classes.

The close and long-standing cooperation between MEYER WERFT and Indonesia was established way back in the 1950s. The first five vessels to make their way from Papenburg to Indonesia were multi-purpose ships that could transport cargo and passengers. Our team in Papenburg also concluded an agreement with Indonesia for technical assistance and the transfer of knowledge: Shipbuilders from the PT.PAL shipyard in Surabaya visited MEYER WERFT and worked with our engineers to design a passenger ship that was then built at the PT.PAL shipyard in 1995. Two more ships were constructed locally with the support of MEYER WERFT, which supplied materials, technical equipment and various components.

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