Container Ships

In 2005, MEYER WERFT delivered four innovative container ships with various special features to Hansa Hamburg Shipping International.

The first of the vessels, the MS EILBEK, was completed on 28 January 2005. This was followed by the MS REINBEK and the MS FLOTTBEK. We then delivered the MS BARMBEK on 30 June 2005. Our four container giants are lean and fast – they can hit a top speed of over 20 knots with 12,640 kW of driving power. They’re 169 metres long, 27.2 metres wide and have a tonnage measurement of 16,000 GT, providing enough storage space for 1,600 containers.

And the new container ships even come with their very own special features: All four boast a maximum ice class rating (Finish-Swedish 1A Super), which means their hull construction and engine power are designed to independently withstand the most adverse ice conditions.

They also feature a special hatch arrangement. All four new vessels are designed as open-top container ships in the midsection, which means containers are stacked on top of one another from the cargo room floor without a hatch cover. This cuts weight and saves time during loading and unloading. This hatch arrangement also allows greater flexibility in the use of the ships. For example, they can even be used as feeder vessels for huge container ships.

Another new aspect is the placement of the fuel bunker on the inside of the ships instead of in the double bottom or double hull. This prevents oil from leaking into the water in the event of a collision.
The construction of a deck in the bridge house was another new feature in 2005: In addition to the crew, all four container ships can accommodate twelve passengers in six cabins.

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