Birte Falk
Staff Development Officer

Human Resources

Our employees are the key to our success. That’s why our Human Resources department endeavours to create a climate in which everyone can develop. Its key role is to recognise each employee’s potential and to exploit and foster this in the best way possible.

The Human Resources department at MEYER WERFT is responsible for overseeing the processes involving around 3,625 employees. This includes a wide range of tasks: They deal with basic HR issues, structure partnerships with our social partners like IG Metall and employer associations, and take care of areas like staff recruitment and deployment. Needless to say, our Human Resources department is also responsible for general staff issues and disciplinary matters, as well as occupational health and the training of our young specialists.

MEYER WERFT has a wide variety of professionals in its Human Resources department, and they all work together for the success of our company.


“Many of the people here have known one another for many years and are on a first-name basis, which creates a whole new level of trust”.

Birte Falk
Staff Development Officer

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