Timo Lakeberg

Finance and Controlling

Our Finance department takes care of many different tasks. Due to the lengthy and capital-intensive nature of the construction process, for example, we rely on third-party financing for a large amount of the costs incurred during a shipbuilding project. This interim financing is organised and coordinated by the employees in our Finance department. They also take care of general corporate and investment financing and the associated liquidity management within the MEYER Group.

Of course, this department is also responsible for accounting and the preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns for all companies in the MEYER Group. The employees in our Finance department are the first point of contact for financing banks, auditing companies, tax consultants and tax authorities.

Further responsibilities include the inspection, booking and payment of invoices, as well as a variety of controlling, planning and coordination activities.

Our Finance department makes sure all construction projects are adequately insured and maintains all other property, liability and personal insurance policies. The administration of our vehicle fleet, real estate and mobile communications is another responsibility of the Finance department.

We have a wide variety of professionals in our Finance department, such as accountants.


“Not many people liked maths at school. But things were always different for me. I just love numbers”.

Timo Lakeberg


“I wanted to work at MEYER WERFT, because something special is created here. I wanted to be part of the team”.

Timo Lakeberg

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