New training year welcomed

01.09.2023 –

MEYER WERFT is strengthening its team with a total of 71 new apprentices, retrainees and dual students. On 1 September they began their training in 14 different trades at MEYER WERFT and the MEYER Group companies EMS PreCab, EMS Maritime Services, ND Coatings and MAC Hamburg. Yesterday, Thursday evening, they were officially welcomed to the shipyard by their trainers as well as the works council and management.

"The training and further education of all employees has always been of great importance to the MEYER Group. Building modern cruise ships is a team effort for which we need well-trained specialists. We are pleased to be able to strengthen the team once again with highly motivated young people," says Erwin Siemens, head of training at MEYER WERFT.

MEYER WERFT is traditionally one of the largest training companies in the region. There are currently around 200 apprentices and dual students working at MEYER WERFT.

"We were able to fill all vacant apprenticeship places for the new year. We are particularly pleased about this, because modern shipbuilding is a versatile industry that is constantly evolving. High technology and environmental protection are part of everyday life. The prerequisite for this is a qualified team of future skilled workers, whom we now welcome to our shipyard," says Managing Director Bernard Meyer.