New Luxury Cruise Liner from Papenburg

MEYER WERFT delivers Norwegian Star

On 31 October 2001 the MEYER WERFT shipyard will deliver the 92,000 GT cruise liner Norwegian Star to Norwegian Cruise Line (Miami, USA) in the Dutch port of Eemshaven.

The Norwegian Star is the first of two cruise liners the Papenburg-based MEYER WERFT is building for Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). NCL is a subsidiary of the Asian cruise line operator Star Cruises. On Norwegian Star NCL's "freestyle cruising concept" links modern event gastronomy with a luxurious outfitting and furnishing meeting state-of-the-art technical demands.

In addition to the new design, this luxury liner offers the passengers numerous special features as well as high convenience. Almost 70% of the cabins are outside cabins, most of which have their own private balconies. Over and above this NCL offers their passengers an outstanding service guaranteed by their 1,100 crew members. The diesel-electric podded drive, interactive communication systems and a sophisticated stage technology ensure safety and entertainment according to the state-of-the-art standard of technology.

After delivery, the Norwegian Star will leave the Dutch port of Eemshaven heading for Miami (USA). The public presentation and naming ceremony of the vessel will take place in Florida. Then the cruise liner will pass the Panama Canal to start her maiden voyage from Miami to Los Angeles. The first "regular" cruise will start from Hawaii on 16 December 2001. From there the vessel will go into cruise service off Hawaii, from where she will operate seven-day cruises in the Pacific isles.

Norwegian Star - Main Particulars

Dimension 92,000 GT
Length overall 294.13 m

Breadth moulded

32.2 m
Number of decks 15
Draught 8.20 m
Loading capacity 7,500 t
Total engine power 58,800 kW (4 x 14,700 kW)
Propulsive power 40,000 kW = 54,400 HP (2x 20,000 kW)


25 kts
Passengers 2,240
Number of passenger cabins 1,120
Number of outside cabins (suites included) 761
Number of inside cabins 359
Officers and crew 1,100
Theatre seats 1,000
Number of restaurants 10

Number of bars/lounges

Total weight of paints applied abt. 220 t
Total length of cables laid 2000 km

Total length of pipes laid

200 km
Flag Bahamas

The ship was built under the survey of the Classification Society "Det Norske Veritas" to obtain the class notation 1 A 1 "Passenger Ship" ECO CLEAN

The ship was designed in close cooperation with the Owners, and was optimized by means of computer calculations and model tests. The sleek lines of the vessel with its 15 decks as well as the novel podded drive ensure outstanding manoeuvring and sea-keeping characteristics as well as low sound and vibration levels.

Cabins The Norwegian Star has a total of 1,120 passenger cabins, of which 359 are inside cabins and 761 outside cabins. Apart from the four different cabin categories also 26 suites and 107 mini-suites are available.

Suites The suites are located on the upper decks of the ship. All suites have private balconies and are subdivided into five categories:

The Studio Suite and the Deluxe Cabins feature a combined living and sleeping area. The Junior Suite, which is more spacious, comprises a living area and a combined sleeping/bathroom area. From the shower the passenger enjoys a free view on the ship since the shower is provided directly on the balcony. The bathroom also comprises a whirlpool.

The Executive Suite features a spacious living area consisting of a sofa corner and a dining corner. The bathroom is equipped with a whirlpool and a shower. From the bathroom the walk-in wardrobe is directly accessible.

The sleeping room has a "King Size" bed and an additional connection to the forward balcony. By means of an intercommunicating door the suite can be extended to include the neighbouring Studio Suite in case it has been booked at the same time. The two Penthouse Suites on deck 13 have a living space of 220 square metres each and feature their own gardens as well as spacious "roof terraces."

Cabins Three different types of standard cabins are available on board, which are the inside cabins, outside cabins and balcony cabins. All passenger cabins are equipped with their own bathrooms, colour TV's, telephones, safes, individual temperature control units and Internet connections. Moreover, there are 20 cabins for passengers with disabilitites. These cabins are very spacious and meet the requirements of handicapped persons.

Total cabins/suites on board:


Penthouse Suite


Executive Suite


Junior Suite


Studio Suite


Deluxe Cabins


Outside Balcony


Outside Window


Disabled Cabin - outside


Disabled Cabin - inside


Inside Cabin

Public Spaces

"Atrium" (Deck 7-15) The focal point of the vessel. It is here at the reception desk where the passengers have their first rendezvous with the superliner. In the Terrace Café on deck 7 the finest sorts of coffee are served. The latest events and presentations can be shown on a huge show display on the "hanging balconies" of deck 8. In addition a selection of exclusive drinks and small culinary delicacies is available. The Cyber C@fé on deck 9 offers permanent access to the World Wide Web. The boutiques in the Atrium have rich choices on offer. The view goes up to the shell-shaped glass roof on deck 15.

"Cabaret Lounge" (Deck 6) This is an exclusively furnished space with abt. 400 easy chairs and sofas as well as a stage and a dance floor. In the Cabaret Lounge music shows or other small show events are presented.

"Dazzles" (Deck 7) The onboard shopping mile: here one can go shopping in an area almost 700 square metres large, and can afterwards get some rest in the café. Anything the passenger might crave is on offer here, from clothes to toiletry and perfume articles to souvenirs.

Stardust Lounge (Deck 5-7) The theatre located in the foreship extends over three decks and offers the 1,034 passengers many of the most famous Broadway shows, musicals and theatre performances. Access to the Show Lounge is through arcade walkways.

Karaoke / Disco (Deck 7) The furnishing of the Karaoke Bar is reminiscent of a circus where the guests turn into actors and indulge in karaoke. One can refine one's karaoke skills in one of the private rooms. When the guests have tuned to the music at the Karaoke Bar, they can shake a leg in the adjacent disco, which offers a modern ambience.

Photo Gallery (Deck 7) In the Photo Gallery the passengers can purchase the photos of the evenings' events.

Japanese Restaurant "Ginza" (Deck 7) In this restaurant the passenger is faced with a rich choice of culinaries. It is possible to watch the menus being prepared in the open kitchen in way of the entrance area. At the Sushi Bar the choice can be made directly from a conveyor belt. The passenger can also watch the cooking skills of the Japanese in the Tepan Yaki, and can then enjoy their delicacies.

Versailles Restaurant (Deck 6) The furnishing and outfitting of the main restaurant follows the "Versailles" style. It provides seating for 500 guests which, thanks to the flexible table shapes, can be arranged in many different ways. The menu comprises traditional American and European cuisine. The special impression of this restaurant is further enhanced by the all-over stern window design. The restaurants in the middle section of the ship on deck 6 have an international flair. "Bellini" offers you a culinary experience in Italy, "Gatsby's" takes you to the USA, "Le Bistro" spreads a French flair, while "The Soho" invites you to indulge in international seafood.

The Red Lion & Blue Lagoon (Deck 7) The seventh deck accommodates a traditional English style pub. This area features heavy leather sofas, dart boards and billiard tables, and a large monitor wall where current sports events are broadcast. Across from the pub the "Blue Lagoon" grill has nice snacks on offer.

Health Club - Fitness Centre (Deck 11/12) The recreation area offers the guests a complete wellness programme, with a spacious reception area, indoor pool, whirlpool, Japanese pool, saunas, steam baths, massage rooms, hairdresser salons and a fitness centre offering state-of-the-art equipment.

Spinnaker Lounge (Deck 12) On the roof of the ship in the forward area a Panorama Lounge with conservatory character is provided. The focus of this area is the bar which is the longest on the ship. An observation portal allows the passenger to watch the performance on the stage. A show stage, which can also be used as a dance floor, is surrounded by sofa arrangements. Two adjacent rooms offer space for private parties or conferences.

Market Café (Deck 12) In the self-service restaurant on deck 12 the passenger may choose from a large selection of foods and beverages. From the interior, which is well-tuned in colour, there is a fantastic view of the sea. To make sure that the little guests are not missed out either, there is a special "Kids Counter" which also offers different foods.

Meeting Area, Cinema and Library (Deck 12/13) The high-quality furnished meeting area with its four conference rooms on deck 12 and two conference rooms on deck 12 and 13 allow meetings or presentations to be held. After that one can watch the latest films in the cinema, or enjoy reading a book in the more quiet atmosphere of the library.

Kids and Teens Areas (Deck 12 / 13) Adjacent to the pool there is a 450 square metre large teenager area which offers entertainment for the children on board. In the Video Arcade (deck 12) the young guests can prove their skills at the latest electronic entertainment equipment. On starboard side there is a teenager disco. Cool drinks and delicacies are offered from the Juice Bar and the Ice Cream Bar. In the children's playroom on deck 13 the young ones can frolic around in a "soft play area" and play at the computers.

"The Oasis" Pool Area (Deck 12) The main pool area of the ship comprises the pool, two water slides and four whirlpools. The sunbathing areas are arranged on different levels. Deck 14 accommodates the "Beer Garden" which offers a nice view of the total pool area of the ship.

Kids' Pool (Deck 12) This is a pool area merely designed for kids that features a varied playground. Also two water slides are provided especially meeting kids' demands

Staircases All three staircases are equipped with four elevators each, allowing the passenger to attend the various events and attractions within a very short time. Moreover, the four glass lifts in the centre staircase provide a great overview of the focal point of the luxury liner.

Engineering, Supply and Disposal

Safety Systems The Norwegian Star is divided into seven main fire zones. She complies with the rules of a two-compartment vessel and is designed in accordance with the latest IMO regulations. The vessel is provided with six tenders and 14 lifeboats as well as two fast-rescue boats. Other than that, six so-called "marine evacuation systems" have been installed, which, in case of emergency, allow fast evacuation via chutes.

Propulsion System and Electric Power Supply Four diesel generators with a 14,000-KW output each are provided for power generation. The MAN B&W type 14V48/60 diesel engines can be operated both with diesel oil and heavy fuel oil. The generators (supplied by ABB) provide a voltage of 11,000 v. The ship is propelled by means of two azipods with an output of 20,000 KW each. Their 360* efficiency provides the vessel with outstanding manoeuvring capabilities. The new propulsion system also ensures stable and quiet sea-keeping characteristics and an extremely low vibration level on board.

Integrated Bridge System The Norwegian Star is equipped with an integrated bridge system type NACOS 65-4 supplied by STN Atlas Marine Electronics. This system includes all components which ensure safe and comfortable navigation even in much-frequented and narrow waters. The main components are two multi pilots which allow the radar screen, the electronic sea chart and important data of the ship to be displayed on one monitor. All bridge units are fitted with high-resolution colour monitors, making it easier for the navigator to distinguish between the various symbols used.

Stage Equipment The theatre is provided with a sophisticated stage equipment. The lower machinery consists of a rotary platform. Moreover nine lifts have been installed which can be operated on stage level. The upper machinery comprises a total of 11 rails, three of which serve for the effect illumination, while eight rail systems are provided for the curtains. All systems are computer-controlled and can be operated from various positions.

TV-System The Norwegian Star is fitted with an interactive aerial network applying ATM technique with glass fibre and CAT5 cables. This system allows the passenger to help creating his own TV programme (Pay-TV, TV shopping etc.).

Manoeuvring Aids To ensure optimum manoeuvrability, the Norwegian Star is equipped with two azipods (see propulsion system) and three bow thrusters, all of which are operable via a joystick. In addition the vessel can be manoeuvred by means of a dynamic positioning system (DP system), which keeps the vessel in the given position. By way of the defined position the system allows, for instance, automatic berthing of the vessel.

Galleys The catering of both guests and crew on the Norwegian Star is done from seven galleys and various pantries and bars. Apart from the bakery on deck 3 and the main galley on deck 6 the vessel features a crew galley on deck 5, a Chinese galley on deck 6 as well as a Japanese galley on deck 7 and a so-called Lido galley on deck 12. All areas where food is handled meet the strict demands of the American health authority USPH. To allow food to be quickly stored during laytimes of the vessel in the harbour, all stores and cold stores can be accessed by electric elevating trucks.

Water Supply and Discharge On board of Norwegian Star up to 2,7000 m3 (= 2,7000.000 l) of potable water can be produced per day. The potable water is generated by means of three evaporators and a reverse osmosis system. Attention is paid to reducing water consumption, for instance, by collecting condensed water from the air conditioning system and using it in the laundry. The hot water circuit is heated with steam. In addition potable water can be taken onboard from bunker stations ashore.

Sewage System The sewage water is collected in four vacuum systems through a piping system. It can be temporarily stored in tanks, if necessary. The sewage water produced is treated in four biological processing systems prior to being discharged.

Waste Handling System The waste produced on board is separated into recyclable and non-recyclable as well as burnable and non-burnable waste. The waste is either temporarily stored and later disposed of ashore, or burned in 2 waste incinerators.

Air Conditioning System The air conditioning system of the Norwegian Star is suitable for worldwide operation and guarantees a constant and comfortable atmospheric environment at outside temperatures between -5*C and 35*C. All told, the 284 air conditioning units on board handle an hourly air volume of abt. 3,070.000 m3.


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