MEYER WERFT conveys cruise ship Arvia

Papenburg, 03.11.2022 –

MEYER WERFT's newest cruise ship, Arvia, is expected to leave Papenburg on Saturday, November 5, 2022 and be transferred on the Ems River to Eemshaven (Netherlands). Arrival in Eemshaven is scheduled for Sunday, November 6. After technical and nautical trials, the Arvia will set course for Bremerhaven for delivery to P&O Cruises (UK).

The new cruise ship is equipped with the cleanest propulsion system currently available to the shipping industry, an LNG propulsion system. This means that the Arvia is built to be future-proof and, in perspective, can even be operated in a climate-neutral manner using green regenerative LNG. Even today, LNG propulsion eliminates nitrogen oxides and particulate matter in addition to reducing CO2 emissions - sulfur oxides are completely eliminated. Currently, all cruise ships in MEYER WERFT's order book are equipped with this low-emission propulsion system.

Arvia, the sister ship to the Iona due to enter service in 2020, has 2,614 cabins and is designed to carry 5,200 passengers. One of the highlights on board is the SkyDome, an entertainment area with a pool whose glass dome can be opened.

The following schedule applies to the Ems conveyance, which may be postponed at short notice according to weather and tidal conditions:

Saturday, November 5, 2022
approx. 06:30am Ship in waiting position (Papenburg)
approx. 07:00am Passing the dock lock (Papenburg)
approx. 11:45am Passing the Friesenbrücke (Weener)
approx. 12:00pm Passing the Jann-Berghaus-Bridge (Leer)
approx. 06.30pm Arrival at the Ems barrage (Gandersum)
approx. 10:30pm Passing Emssperrwerk

Sunday, November 6, 2022
approx. 00:45am Passing Emden

All information is subject to wind and weather conditions, water levels and therefore without guarantee. Time shifts are also possible at short notice!

The Arvia will sail the Ems towards the North Sea again backwards and with the support of two tugs. This way of transfer has proven to be successful due to the better maneuverability.

The transfer of the ship will again be carried out by the team of the pilot brotherhood Emden. The Ems pilots have been performing the maneuvers for many years. The team uses state-of-the-art technology to prepare for a realistic simulation of the Ems river passage in Wageningen (Netherlands).

The passage of the Arvia across the Ems will take place with the support of the Ems barrage. The duration of the passage will always be kept as short as possible so as not to interfere with navigation on the Ems. For more information on the function and operation of the barrage, visit www.nlwkn.niedersachsen.de.

Further information and photos are available at www.facebook.com/meyerwerft and www.youtube.com/meyerwerft


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