Early Delivery of MS Pont-Aven

MEYER WERFT Back in Ferry Business

Papenburg, 27.02.2004 - After building many ferries in the 60s and 70s and last of all Silja Europa in 1993, MEYER WERFT is back in the international ferry business. The new RoRo-cruise ferry Pont-Aven (41,000 GT) will be delivered to the French owner Brittany Ferries on Friday 27 February - three days before the date agreed in the contract. In summer, Pont-Aven will provide daily service sailing at 27 knots between France and England and between England and Spain. The rest of the year sailings will be offered between France, England and Ireland. In addition to a slim ship design including many glass facades the ferry offers the passengers outstanding amenities and luxuries on board like a swimming-pool, fitness centre, shopping mall, restaurants and bars. With a length of 184 meters and a breadth of 30.90 meters the ferry features 650 passenger cabins to accommodate up to 2,600 persons. The total track length of 3,500 meters allows embarkment of 650 cars and 20 trucks. The total engine power of 68,500 HP enables a sailing speed exceed-ing 27 knots (about 50 km/h). The ferry will strengthen the leading position of the owner Brittany Ferries on the routes in the west English Channel. Pont-Aven will officially enter service on 24 March 2004. Port of registry is Morlaix. Pont-Aven - Main Particulars

Tonnage 41,700 GT
Length overall 184.3 m
Length between perpendiculars 170.8 m
Breadth moulded 30.9 m
Number of decks 11
Draught (at max. load) 6.8 m
Total engine power 50,400 kW
Propulsive power 43,200 kW
Speed >27 kn
Passenger capacity (max.) 2,400
Crew 183
Number of passenger cabins 652
outside cabins (incl. suites) 210
Number of inside cabins 442
Lane metres 3,500 m
Number of cars 650
Number of trucks 20
Classification Bureau Veritas
Cabins The following cabin categories are available on board:
Owner Suites 2
Commodore Class Suites 18
De Luxe cabins 16
Inside cabins (2 beds) 284
Inside cabins (4 beds) 158
Outside cabins (2 beds) 12
Outside cabins (4 beds) 97
Outside cabins (4 beds, long) 56
Disabled cabins 9
Public RoomsMain Hall Deck 5-9 Cinemas on deck 6 Arcade on deck 7 Hospital on deck 6 Drivers Restaurant on deck 7 Children´s playroom on deck 7 Espace Restaurant on deck 7 Piano Bar on deck 7 Restaurant on deck 7 Main Bar on deck 8 Main Shop on deck 8 Commodore Lounge on deck 8 Teenage Room on deck 9 Mezzanine on deck 9 Pool Area on deck 9 Reclining Seats on deck 9 Roll On - Roll Off Device AutomationThe automation system covers the following main features:
  • General automatic alarm and control of plants and systems
  • Process visualization
  • Emergency shut down features as independent system
  • Temperature control of systems
  • Control of all important consumers incl. standby valves
  • Control of remote controlled valves
  • Measuring of tank contents and draught
  • Complete A/C plant control

Manoeuvring Aids For optimum manoeuvrability Pont-Aven is equipped with two controllable pitch propellers, two spade rudders as well as two bow thrusters and one stern thruster. The spade rudders have a surface of 18.5 m² each and are operated through rotary vane steering gears. Both bow and stern thrusters have a controllable pitch propeller with a propulsive power of 2,000 kW each. Propulsion and Electric Power Supply The ship is propelled by a four-engine system with reduction gears and controllable pitch propellers. The output of the flexi-bly mounted engines (MAK 4-stroke diesel engine, type 12 VM 43) is 10,800 kW (14,700 HP) each at 500 rpm. The engines have been designed to operate on heavy fuel oil. Through a re-duction gear (Flender twin gear, 21,600 kW propulsion output) two diesel engines each drive a controllable pitch propeller (Wärtsilä, propeller diameter 5,200 mm) and a shaft generator (4,500 kW). The shaft generator provides the transverse thrusters or the ship`s network with energy. Electrical power is provided by three diesel generator sets (MAK 4-stroke diesel engine, type 8 M 25) with an output of 2,400 kW each at 750 rpm. These are flexibly mounted and have been designed to operate on heavy fuel oil. In addition, one emergency generator (Caterpillar, 600 kW at 1,500l/min) was installed. Heat for the ship in service is provided by a steam boiler system with two oil-burning boilers (steam production 5t/h each at 7 bar) and four waste-heat boilers (steam production 1.5t/h each at 7 bar). The oil-burning boilers have been designed to operate on heavy fuel oil. The waste-heat boilers use the exhaust gases from the main engines to generate steam. Water Supply and Discharge Up to 300 m³ of potable water can be produced aboard Pont-Aven per day. The potable water is generated from sea water through two vacuum evaporators driven by the exhaust gas in the cooling water circulation of the main engines. The water produced aboard will be pumped through a mineralization and desinfecting device to the potable water tank. All sewage water (from toilets) is collected through vacuum piping in two vacuum systems and will then be treated in the biologically operated sewage plant. In addition, the sewage wa-ter may be temporarily stored in particularly provided tanks allowing a later discharge ashore. Air Conditioning System The ferry is fitted with an air conditioning system guaranteeing for its service area a year-round constant room temperature of 23° C . More than 120 AC and ventilation plants are arranged in 9 fan rooms and handle a total air volume of approximately 1,164,000 m³/h. Public areas are served by central air handling units keeping the temperature at a constant level even under changing outside conditions and changing passenger frequency. All passenger cabins are equipped with individual temperature control. All necessary automatic control and regulation functions of the air conditioning system are controlled by a ships automation system.