Another new ship for AIDA Cruises

Another new ship for AIDA Cruises

The third ship of a new generation will be delivered in 2023. The ship will have a tonnage measurement of over 180,000 and is 100% LNG-powered.

The German cruise line, AIDA Cruises, has commissioned MEYER WERFT to construct a further ship. The cruise line has signed a contract with the shipyard for the construction of a third cruise ship. All three of AIDA’s ships will be powered 100% by LNG, an eco-friendly fuel. AIDA’s first ship will be completed in autumn 2018, with the second and third following in 2021 and 2023.

“This contract means we’re already building our tenth ship for AIDA in Papenburg, highlighting the long-term partnership between the Carnival Corporation and MEYER WERFT. The three ships in the Helios range will be fitted with state-of-the-art technology to make them sustainable and energy-efficient”, explains Tim Meyer, Managing Director of MEYER WERFT.

The new ship will have a tonnage measurement of over 180,000 GT and around 2,700 cabins. It’s one of the first ever cruise ships to be powered 100% by LNG within the “Green Cruising” initiative, making it particularly environmentally friendly.

The engine room modules for all three ships will be supplied by Rostock shipyard, NEPTUN WERFT. These modules will contain the entire engine room for each ship, LNG tanks and all machinery systems and installations.

MEYER WERFT has now received orders for the construction of 14 ships to be delivered by 2023. Such a long-term outlook means the shipyard must have the capacity to constantly adapt and evolve. About 50 to 80 million euro per year are invested in the facilities in Papenburg. To date the shipyard is recruiting specialists in different area as IT and other departments.


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