Andy Bley
Maintenance Foreman

Maintenance & Repair

The employees in our Maintenance & Repair department contribute to industrial management at MEYER WERFT. Industrial management ensures the technological development of our shipyard, the maintenance and availability of our existing infrastructure, and the construction of our ships. The employees in this department are deployed all over the shipyard. They organise the maintenance of all our facilities and look after our building services, technological systems and dock operations. They make sure our ships leave the building docks without any problems. They also flood and pump out the docks and take care of all technological systems. In addition, they’re responsible for the procurement of tools and resources.

Our employees construct and secure the necessary scaffolding at MEYER WERFT, clean our shipyard and vessels, set up building sites and ensure the supply of utilities. They also take care of all matters involving our automated systems. Their regular and preventive maintenance work ensures a rapid response to any breakdowns. They’re also responsible for the maintenance of our transportation and welding systems, operational technology and manufacturing halls.

MEYER WERFT employs a wide variety of professionals for its maintenance work.


“It’s great that you’re given so many opportunities to develop as a person at MEYER WERFT”.

Andy Bley
Maintenance Foreman


“You never know when a machine is going to cause problems or break. That’s what makes every day so different and varied”.

Andy Bley
Maintenance Foreman

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