Innovations and Technologies

MEYER WERFT was the first compact shipyard in Europe and is one of the most modern shipyards in the world. The two covered docks as well as the modern manufacturing plants and the concept of short distances ensure the shipyard’s success. Innovations and the newest technologies characterize the shipyard's daily routine.

Modern computer technology is used everywhere, be that the first layout or the design of the ship or the production process. Construction drawings are hardly found. They are replaced by simulations by which the shell plating of a ship is designed, to name but one example.

Almost the whole production process has been digitized, which saves time and money. A lot of projects can be planned and saved in the virtual world, and assembly processes can be tested. 3-D simulations allow planning with a high degree of anticipation. Production and production process can be developed at the same time: This saves time and effort and leads to a better efficiency.

The "Digital Factory" is extremely helpful in planning and designs because the engineers can estimate at very early stages what can be implemented and what can't. This avoids "surprises" in the production process, and accelerates construction. Mistakes can be avoided well before they cost a lot of money when the ship is already at the production stage.

The computer-aided logistics system minimizes storage space and thus operating costs. The material-flow control system TESS controls the whole material flow on the shipyard via data radio. Each structural component is with the right person at the right place at the right time. Shortest transport routes, minimal empty runs and precise just-in-time-supply are ensured.