• Cruise Liners

    Building passenger ships and cruise liners is a very demanding, large-scale task in terms of engineering and logistics. MEYER WERFT has been mastering this challenge successfully for decades and enjoys an excellent reputation internationally regarding this field: Established cruise operators from all over the world commission new ocean liners here.

  • Ferries

    In addition to building cruise liners, the MEYER WERFT has a long and successful tradition regarding the construction luxurious cars and passenger ferries, RO-RO and passenger ships.

  • Gas Tankers

    Since 1961 MEYER WERFT has built more than 50 gas tankers for carrying liquefied gases and chemicals. The shipyard has specialized early on constructing and building such ships and is still one of the top addresses when it comes to building LPG gas tankers.

  • River Cruise Liners

    Building river cruise liners is a special strength of NEPTUN WERFT. Together, the shipyards in Papenburg and Rostock have gained extensive experience. Today NEPTUN WERFT builds ships for the river cruise ship fleet of the Reederei Viking River Cruises and the A-ROSA Flussschiff GmbH

  • Container Ships

    MEYER WERFT manufactured an innovative quartet of container ships for the issuing house Hansa Hamburg Shipping International: Eilbek, Reinbek, Flottbek and Barmbek. The contract to build these innovative container ships was received in October 2003. All four ships were delivered throughout the year 2005.

  • Livestock Carriers

    Every year millions of live animals are transported from their place of origin to their place of destination. Building ships for this purpose is another focus of the MEYER WERFT. The MEYER WERFT began reconstructing cargo ships and tankers to livestock carriers in the early 70s.