In March 2009, MEYER WERFT delivered the AIDAluna as the third of seven club ships to AIDA Cruises. It is 252 meters long, has a width of 32 meters and has a measurement of 69.200 gross tons.

The 1.025 cabins provide space for the accommodation of 2.050 passengers. Four big diesel engines, constructed by the manufacturer MaK, produce a power output of about 50.000 hp. The working speed is almost 22 knots.

Main Characteristics of the AIDAluna

Tonnage69.200 gt
Overall Length 252 m
Width 32,2 m
Decks 13
Engine Power36.000 kW
Speed22 knots
Number of Passenger Cabins 1.025
Number of Outside Cabins 666
Passengers 2.050