Ceremonial Award of the “Bildungsschraube” and Training Certificates

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On Wednesday the 31st of August, the “Bildungsschraube” was awarded for the 14th time in the youth hostel in Papenburg. The awards were presented within the context of a festive ceremony, during which the CEO, Lambert Kruse, and HR Manager, Paul Bloem, honoured the employees of MEYER WERFT who had successfully completed a great variety of further training measures in 2015 and 2016 as a sign of ongoing learning. The trainees were also presented with their training certificates.

The Bildungsschraube is a shipyard-internal award. It symbolises locomotion and propulsion and stands for the employees’ continued training and constant acquisition of new knowledge. The employees’ good initial training and constant advanced training ensure the requisite high expertise and quality standard that is essential to satisfy the increasing technical and economic demands pertaining to the construction of highly complex cruise liners.

“Well-educated employees are an invaluable asset for MEYER WERFT. The foundation for this is laid with an excellent initial training. Only the employees’ continuous professional development, as an important element in organising their working lives, ensures the company’s long-term survival in a highly challenging market. We have wonderful and motivated employees who, thanks to their development, have taken the company to where it is today and, first and foremost, would like to take it further, so as to be in a position to face the future challenges,” said Lambert Kruse on the occasion of the award ceremony, visibly impressed by their achievements.

Paul Bloem praised the employees’ commitment and dedication. “Education is exceptionally important and changes us people. It is important to fill our lives with work that gives us pleasure. Every year more than 5,000 qualification measures are carried out throughout the shipyard.”

The training measures, such as master’s and bachelor’s programmes, master craftsman and technician courses or further education measures to qualify as technical managers, were performed in cooperation with chambers of commerce and crafts, vocational schools, universities/technical colleges and other regional and national educational institutions. In addition to this, numerous participants also contributed own financial means and hours from their working time accounts for these educational measures.