Cooperation agreed with more schools

As part of the “Evening of Education” that took place yesterday at the shipyard, MEYER WERFT signed cooperation agreements with two more schools. The aim is to expand the shipyard’s collaboration with schools and secure even more qualified professionals for the company. Students can learn about the world of work and business, gain appropriate practical experience, and get a realistic impression of training and job requirements. This should encourage schools to offer a realistic, activity-based economic education. The shipyard has been working closely with local schools for several decades. As part of the new cooperation plan, MEYER WERFT will give students an even deeper insight into its daily business by offering things like company tours and internships, while schools will make their lessons more practical.

MEYER WERFT will also run projects with schools to get students interested in the world of work. The agreement will help train skilled workers and keep them in the region. The new cooperation agreement was signed yesterday at the shipyard by the Realschule-Friesenschule in Leer and the Pestalozzi Specialist School in Papenburg.

This was followed by the Evening of Education, where 385 participants discovered the training opportunities at MEYER WERFT. Some of the participants came all the way from places like Essen, Würzburg and Munich. The idea was well received by boys and girls from the 8th grade onwards, who showed an interest in training at the company. After a welcome address by Anna Blumenberg from the HR Management Team, apprentices and supervisors presented training courses and dual study programmes in the training workshops. The young people also had the chance to get their hands on some practical work by making their own phone holders on the drilling and milling machines.

Photo: M. Ritz-Meyer Werft - Top row from left: Nico Bloem (Chairman of the Works Council MEYER WERFT), Matthias Schumacher (Pestalozzi Special School), Wiebke Post (Friesenschule), Ulrike Röttmann (Friesenschule), Günter Geerdes (Training Coordinator MEYER WERFT), Jürgen Siedentopp (Friesenschule)
Bottom row from left: Erwin Siemens (Head of Training), Gisela Wölk (Head of Special School), Anna Blumenberg (Member of HR Management), Thomas von Garrel (Head of Friesenschule)


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