48 trainees pass their final exams

48 trainees from MEYER WERFT, one trainee from EDL Ems Dienstleistung and two trainees from RE Interior have successfully finished their apprenticeships. On Monday evening, the young skilled workers received their certificates in the MEYER WERFT auditorium from Bernard Meyer (CEO), Anna Blu-menberg (member of the HR management), Erwin Siemens (head of training) and Nico Bloem (works council chairman) with warm congratulations and best wishes for the future.

"I'm pleased that we could offer training to so many young people and that provide subsequent employment to all new skilled workers." MEYER WERFT is currently in the fortunate position of having full order books. "The shipyard lives from their commitment, their research drive and their will to improve the workflows", said Bernard Meyer in his speech. He thanked the instructors for looking after the apprentices so well. The initial and further training of young people with subsequent employment at the yard plays an important role in the HR strategy at MEYER WERFT.

After being awarded with their certificates, the successful trainees celebrated with their parents and friends and enjoyed the refreshments provided.

The new skilled workers were trained by MEYER WERFT GmbH & Co. KG in the following trades and vocations:

Construction mechanic in shipbuilding: Jonas Bleeker, Sven Neumann, Sören Röskamm, Nico Spekker, Tim Wessels
Construction mechanic in outfitting: Mirko Behrens, Lena Lalk, Dirk Löning, Fabian Meijer, Katrin Pietsch, Jan Müller
Construction mechanic in welding: Thomas Fitz, Timo Geerdes, Paul Heidt, Jan Maas, Anna-Juliette Müller, Artur Schlegel
Industrial mechanic: Derk Boelsums, Martin de Boer, Sven Fisser, Andreas Grass, Marcel Frey, Lenard Hasseler, Steffen Osteresch, Mirco Siemer, Christian Tempel
Mechatronics technician: Sven Folkerts, Timo Frey, Maximilian Hirt, Tim Horstmann, Heiko Langen, Heiko Murra
Electronics engineer: Alexander Hanekamp, Sascha Hosemann, Sönke Meinders, Timo Sonntag, Hermann Wilwer
Technical product designer: Jannis Behrens, Enno Böckmann, Janes Brandt, Maik Bröring, Eduard Klassen, Maren Lüpkes
Dual study in shipbuilding and marine technology, training as construction mechanic in shipbuilding: Tomke Siemens, Franziska Auer

EDL Ems Dienstleistung
Warehouse logistics worker: Hasim Yildiz

RE Interior
Technical product designer: Kerstin Behrens, Jasmin Voskuhl


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