Family Business with Tradition

MEYER WERFT was founded in 1795. The company is in its seventh generation of family ownership. Bernard Meyer is running the business since 1982.

After the era of timber ship construction, the company showed early pioneering spirit, which was the basis for the continuous development of the shipyard. The company began building iron ships with steam machines in 1872. In 1870, Papenburg was home to about 20 shipyards – but only MEYER WERFT has survived into the 21st century. Up to 400 seagoing ships were registered in Papenburg in the 19th century.

Between the two world wars, the shipyard concentrated on building fishing vessels, pilot boats and lightships together with coastal passenger ships. In 1960 the company started building gas tankers and 1964 the first RoRo-ferry, the MALMÖ, was delivered in Papenburg.

In the last decades of the 20th century, MEYER WERFT has acquired an excellent international reputation for building car and passenger ferries, RoRo and passenger ships, gas tankers, livestock carriers and, above all, luxurious cruise ships.