Back in Action after 100 Years

Almost one hundred years ago MEYER WERFT was marked by the economic recession in the shipbuilding industry. These were years full of worries and concerns for the shipyard. Managing Director Joseph Lambert Meyer occupied his employers with the construction of the new boiler making plant in 1908 and1909. Nevertheless he also took in orders that hardly provided any profits.

The construction of the double-screw passenger steamer with yard number S. 240, the Prinz Heinrich, took place during this time. It was commissioned by the Borkumer Kleinbahn & Dampfschifffahrts AG. Despite the difficult situation, the Prinz Heinrich was completed in 1909 and subsequently operated between Emden and Borkum. But this was just the beginning of her journey.

During the world wars she operated as a supply vessel. The passenger steamer was renamed to „Hessen“ in 1953 and was restructured as a motor ship five years later by the shipyard AG-Ems. After some years in service, she was sold to Lübeck in 1970 to function as a museum-ship in the course of an overseas exhibition and was renamed to „Mississippi“ and was eventually sold to Warnemünde.

It was only in 2003 that the newly founded association „Traditionsschiff Prinz Heinrich e.V.“ ensured her return to her home region. Only one year later, the State Office for the Preservation of Monuments in Hannover recognized the Print Heinrich as a ‘movable monument on the water’. In addition she was designated as the last contemporary witness of the German Empire Era and as the last German cargo-, post- and passenger steamer, which has to be preserved by all means.

In the end of January 2008 the Prinz Heinrich was restored in such a way that she could be launched in the Leeraner port. To this day volunteers are working on the restoration of the ship. In spring 2012 the steam engines were once more reinstated. By now, this traditional ship advances its completion with big steps.

Once completed, the ship is to travel again, operating on its traditional route between the island Borkum and the Dutch Delfzijl.

For further information please see: Traditionsschiff Prinz Heinrich e.V.