Over 70 Years Old and Still in Service

The inspection ship Ems was built at MEYER WERFT in 1934 to replace the steamer of the Water and Shipping Directorate Northwest in Aurich, which was wrecked in 1934. The "Ems" has an overall length of 36 meters and a breadth of 5.75 meters, and reaches a speed of 10 knots. Moreover it is one of the last ships that have a riveted hull.

From 1959 on, the ship was reconstructed step by step: At first, the wheelhouse, made of wood at that time, was restored by one made of aluminium. In 1960 conversion of the forward crew quarters began. The main engines were replaced and the engine room was sound-insulated. In 1967 the steering gear was replaced by an electric-hydraulic system. Both the main deck and the riveted underwater forecastle underwent complete overhaul.

To this day the Ems is one of the oldest ships still in service, operated by the Water and Shipping Authority in Emden: Among her tasks are inspection-, control- and escort trips, courier- and supply trips to the seamarks and water levels as well as the supervision of river- and waterway police tasks and supply trips to federally owned facilities.

Her operating areas are the coastal waters off the Dutch-German coast up the river Weser estuary.