Our Environment – Our Responsibility

A company that wants to be successful cannot solely focus on economic aspects. Ecology must also be considered. Thus, achieving a balance between ecology and economy is the aim. We are well aware that we can only live in an intact environment and that each individual can by his actions influence the ecological balance. This applies to the construction of our ships as well as to the ships themselves. We are well aware that everything we do can be done even better and we are constantly working on exactly this point.

Thus, we are ensuring the development and the implementation of new eco-friendly and efficient technologies, together with our customers and suppliers. Constructing innovative and eco-friendly ships is one of our central tasks. New underwater coatings, optimized hydrodynamics, energy-saving lighting systems and the intensive work regarding alternatives for previous fuels, such as the planned use of fuel cells and LNG, are examples for activities and measures that we take in order to act environmentally compatible. We are proceeding as environmental-friendly as possible when it comes to the construction of cruise ships.

As a company, we have made it our mission to review and check all internal operating processes regarding their environmental friendliness. We are well aware of our environmental responsibility and have therefore established sustainable and continuous operational environmental protection in our company principles in the mid-1990s.

A staff position in our company that deals with the topic environmental protection advises, examines and shows possibly weak points, and is the central point for all matters regarding questions about this topic. We are already implementing numerous measures in the fields of waste, hazardous materials, water pollution control and energy efficiency.

And we are already one of the cleanest and environmental-friendly shipyards in Europe. Nevertheless, we are continually promoting and improving our efforts regarding environmental protection – for the sake of the environment.

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