Logistic Master Strokes Entirely in Accordance with the Environment

Building ships means that the most different areas must fit in perfectly with each other. Logistics are a decisive factor in this. The right part must be at the right time at the right place. To ensure this, an innovative automated transport system has been introduced several years ago, which reduces the number of forklifts significantly. The advantage of this system must be seen in the optimal utilization of the transport vehicles. Empty runs are avoided and thus exhaust gas emissions are reduced.

To additionally reduce emissions and to ensure an environmental-friendly transport, we have averted the traditional diesel fuel in 1994 and instead opted for using biodiesel, based on rapeseed oil methyl ester (RME).

In 2010 the truck fleet was modified once more. All vehicles were converted to liquid gas operation with a catalytic converter. Regarding this fuel, the air is not burdened with soot and the low pollutant emissions are especially eco-friendly.

Due to the fact that there are not only forklifts operating on the shipyard, but also a variety of trucks, there were also improvements in respect to freight traffic, which are corresponding with our concept of eco-friendly logistics. Thus, ways and means were found to optimize the freight traffic on the shipyard in such a way that fuel consumption and CO2-emissions were significantly improved, and at the same time, the just-in-time-delivery was ensured.

The short ways on our compact shipyard, the innovative transport system, the low-emission transport vehicles as well as the principal reduction of truck traffic show clearly how Green Logistics are lived at MEYER WERFT.