Full Power for Less Energy

Saving energy and resources is a basic principle for us, both from an ecological as well as from an economic point of view. Thus, the shipyard’s energy consumption has already been considerably decreased over the last few years in relation to the delivered ships.

To achieve this, we have implemented a variety of measures. For example, the regulation of the air conditioning and ventilation systems is automatically controlled and sensor-supported, depending on mode, time and situation. In addition, an environmental-friendly innovative ventilation system was installed in a lot of the shipyard buildings. The air is heated up or cooled down via earth- and component cooling. A computer-aided central building control system controls the system.

The Application of heat recovery systems within the field of air compressors also reduces the energy consumption. The heat recovered via heat exchangers is fed to the shipyard’s own ‘grey water system’. By this method, the boiler plants do not have to be used at all during summer months.

The application of the latest technologies through particularly energy-saving plants, such as welding machines with inverter technology, which are consuming considerably less no-load current, are part of our corporate philosophy, especially since we are a high-tech company.

Also renewable energies are employed. A solar system with an area of 250 m2 was installed at the big building dock of the shipyard. This plant produces hot water. Thus, about 30% energy regarding the hot water production is saved each year on the shipyard. This equals a reduction of the CO2-emissions of 41.500 Kg.

The current measures also include the greening of a lot of the office roofs and that the administration buildings got energy-optimized facades in 2012, which leads to a significant reduction of energy consumption.