Senior Association MEYER WERFT e.V.

Supported by the idea to bind former employees to MEYER WERFT also after retiring, MEYER WERFT has founded a senior association. The point of this association is to ensure the care among themselves, to support and cultivate their solidarity with MEYER WERFT and to integrate persons who retired early within the association. For the foundation of the association the following persons met for the first time on March 14th 2007:

Ahlerich Bloem, Paul Bloem, Stefanie Blume, Helmut Bron, Wilfried Deutschmann, Hans-Arthur Focken, Alfred Freesemann, Theodor Hanneken, Christiane Heinold, Petra Jürgens, Hans Schomaker, Gerhard Kruse (ASD),Gerhard Kruse (PBG), Gert Ryssel, Hermann Sextro, Erwin Siemens, Richard de Vries und Helmut Warnecke.

After several meetings with prepared discussions about articles of association that comply with statutory regulations, and about the aim of the association, 18 persons met on Mai 9th 2007 in order to found the senior association. It was unanimously decided to register the association at the local court at Papenburg by the name „Seniorenverein MEYER WERFT e.V. By now the association has over 300 members.