Improving the Quality by Virtual Reality

In order to further improve and simplify the quality of the construction and production, the virtual-reality-room is used by the shipyard’s experts. Thus, before a structural element or a room is build, it can be examined from all sides.

Our experts from the technical- and production departments can thus view certain areas and rooms of a ship already during the planning phase. For example the engine room, the theatre or the laundry can be looked at in detail. For these areas, the complete steel models, the coordination models including pipelines, shafts and cables as well the equipment model are read in and depicted three-dimensionally. Thus it is possible to discuss potential sources of error and to circumvent errors right from the outset. Improvements can also be discussed here before the actual construction and be implemented accordingly later on. Also the whole construction-strategy for a cruise ship can be developed and reviewed by means of the VR-room.