About 250 km Pipelines per Ship

With numerous investments in new machinery and equipment as well as a profound reorganization, the modern MEYER WERFT Pipe Center was put into service in the beginning of 2010. Only about one year later, new production areas were opened up on MEYER WERFT, after a number of building operations and another investment of more than 8 million euros.

The automatic CNS-controlled pipe machining plants and welding robots, which are sharing the work with the experts by means of sophisticated methods, are the core of the pipe machining center. With the help of these plants, which are processing according data directly from the shipyard’s drafting offices, pipes having a diameter of 25-200 mm can be processed fully-automated. Hence an increased number of pipes can be bent, welded up, fitted with flanges or machined otherwise in a considerably shorter period of time.

Modern cruise ships do have complex supply- and disposal systems on board. The plans require approximately 250 km of pipelines per ship. About 100.000 pipes are installed in this process every year.

Also the so called unit-construction is part of the pipe machining center. Units of up to 6,5 m x 15 m are manufactured in clocked construction on eight standard sites. Pillar jib cranes on all workplaces and the most modern tools as well as specifically developed means of transport are supporting the pipe machining center’s experts regarding the construction of the complex units, which, when combined, result in the engine rooms of the cruise ships.

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