Constructing with State-of-the-Art Software

Building special ships, especially large passenger- and cruise ships, is a technical and logistically highly demanding task. Computer-aided technologies for the design, planning, construction and final completion of these ships are implemented in all areas of the shipyard. Shipbuilding in Papenburg is a highly modern industry. Here, swimming hotels that virtually carry their own municipal power plants on board are constructed.

The implementation of modern technologies within the field of construction is of the essence, precisely because of the complex challenges that the technical progress and highest customer demands entail.

Engineering drawings are no longer made manually but by means of a computer-aided construction. With the help of CAD-programs three-dimensional volume models are created, which are then turned into moving virtualization.

In cooperation with the aviation industry MEYER WERFT followed new paths already in the end of the 80ties: The adjustment and the utilization of the computer software CATIA provides new ways regarding the creation of three-dimensional drawings for the optimization of the design and the construction of the ships today. Together with their business partners Dassault and IBM, this tool as well as other innovative software components, is continually further developed for the requirements of shipbuilding.