Laser Center

With MEYER WERFT Laser Center, the shipyard has established one of the biggest laser center in Europe. Six big laser welding plants, each having an output of 12 kW, are the centerpiece of the steel construction center.

For almost 20 years, laser welding systems have been used at MEYER WERFT. In contrast to other industries, very big steel parts are welded by means of a laser in the shipbuilding industry. MEYER WERFT has developed a special technique, the so called laser-hybrid welding. The advantages of the laser in the field of steel construction in shipbuilding are higher speed, less distortion due to less low heat input, improved strength and thus much lower costs in comparison to traditional steel processing.

In 2008 and 2011, MEYER WERFT expand their steel prefabrication yet further. As part of this, one of the world’s biggest cutting tables was put into service. Plasma arc technology is employed all over the laser center. In contrast to traditional flame cuttings, the plasma arc technology offers a speed that is five times faster. This saves a lot of time. In addition, the end-product convinces with highest quality.

A consistent serial production within the steel construction with clearly defined planning- and manufacturing processes and the employment of the newest laser- and automation techniques render the company into a high-tech company.

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