Small Parts Turn Into Something Big

Certainly many remember their childhood, when they built daring constructions with Lego blocks. What works in the hands of children is applied in shipbuilding by MEYER WERFT. Engineers, technicians and steelworkers are built according to the "Blockbuilding principle", which means that smaller parts are pre-fabricated and then assembled to ever bigger units.

In the first step steel plates are coated for corrosion protection, and then they are cut to size by means of a plasma torch system and welded up to form panels. The automated panel-street is the central point of the steel construction. In the preliminary stage of the blockbuilding, the cut-to-size steel plates are equipped with profiles, struts and side walls to form sections and are then equipped and pre-installed with eclectics and pipes. Approx. eight to ten of these sections become a block.

Only at the very end the individual blocks are welded together and wired. The hull comes into being. Some 70 blocks, the heaviest of which may weigh 800 tons, become a cruise ship.

Since panels, sections and blocks must form a perfect unit high quality within the production is of the essence. In this field, computer technology is also absolutely essential.