Frequently Asked Questions

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  • To what extent is MEYER WERFT engaged in sponsorship?

    MEYER WERFT has close ties to Papenburg and the region. The company is the biggest local employer and bears responsibility for more than 3,300 employees, their families and many suppliers. The shipyard invests primarily in its own facilities so as to secure jobs and training for young people. The funds available are used almost exclusively for strengthening the local regional economy and creating new jobs.

    MEYER WERFT is also involved in music festivals, supports volunteers in honorary posts, invests in its staff by supporting healthcare, advanced vocational training, and helps to bring job and family issues in line.


  • How does MEYER WERFT support the local job market?

    MEYER WERFT invests in the creation of training positions and apprentices, strengthening the local job market in the process. Every year approx. 200 young people are trained in demanding professions. For information on training positions and apprenticeships offered by MEYER WERFT go to the Career menue on


  • What does MEYER WERFT do for the environment?

    Environmental protection is of great importance to MEYER WERFT. This applies not only to the production process, but also to the products themselves. The company sets the highest standards for itself and for its suppliers when it comes to sustainability and ennivronmental protection. The “green ship concept” is an example of how everything is done to make the ships eco-friendlier, which complies with the idea of doing business with a focus on sustainability. For more information read the shipyard’s social responsibility report.




  • What does the launch of a MEYER WERFT ship look like?

    Launches – in the true sense of the meaning – do not take place at MEYER WERFT. The big ships are built under the roof of the building docks. Once a ship is completed, the dock is flooded until the ship has floated up, then it is ready to leave the building dock.


  • What does the so-called "Blockbuilding process“ stand for?

    MEYER WERFT builds its ships according to the so-called “Blockbuilding principle”. This means that prefabricated units are assembled to sections, many sections become a block, and the blocks become a ship – similar to the toys of "Lego". The blocks are assembled and welded up to form the ship’s hull. A typical cruise ships comprises approx. 80 blocks.


  • Where can I book a cruise on a ship built by MEYER WERFT?

    To book a cruise on a ship built by MEYER WERFT you have to contact the cruise shipping companies or a travel agency. It is not possible to book a cruise with the shipyard.