Livestock Carriers

Every year many millions of living animals are transported from their place of origin to a destination thousands of kilometers away. There are often thousands of kilometers between those two places. In order to cover this distance, animals are often transported by ships.

The design and construction of such livestock carriers is another focus of MEYER WERFT. In the early 70ties, MEYER WERFT began with the conversion of cargo ships and tankers and modified them in livestock carriers. By building 27 livestock carriers MEYER WERFT is regarded as market leader in this area.

In April 2000 MEYER WERFT delivered the Al Shuwaikh to the shipping company KLTT, Kuwait. The rebuilding of the ship with a capacity of transporting 80.000 sheep was managed by MEYER WERFT in cooperation with her sister company NEPTUN WERFT. MEYER WERFT had already manufactured livestock carriers for KLTT in the past. In 1997 the Al Messilah, having a capacity to transport 80.000 sheep, and in 1980 the Al Kuwait (ex Al Shuwaikh), having a capacity to transport 125.600 sheep, were delivered.

Transporting living animals is subject to very strict international rules. Especially countries like Australia do have strict animal welfare requirements. Livestock carriers of MEYER WERFT are equipped with automatic feeding and water supply systems, combined troughs for sheep and cattle, horizontal and vertical dung removal systems as well as dismountable decks made of aluminium for combined sheep/cattle carriers. Moreover the ships have stalls made of zinc-coated metal and/or aluminium as well as optimized ventilation systems.

By having efficient ventilation systems, special top coats and special ramps, the welfare of the animals and maximum safety is ensured.