The World Dream offers many special features

In autumn 2017, MEYER WERFT delivered the cruise ship World Dream to the Asian shipping company Dream Cruises in Bremerhaven. The generous architecture inside the ship, the large number of restaurants and casinos, the special cabin design and the extensive range of entertainment available on board are just some of the aspects geared to the Asian market.

Besides the design, this luxury liner has many special features to offer its passengers. For example, the cruise ship is equipped with its own deep-sea submarine that can take four people down to a depth of 200 metres. There is also a motorboat that can be booked for excursions. This boat travels at speeds of up to 37 knots or approx. 68 kph. An interactive communication system and extensive stage equipment ensures that entertainment on the ship is guaranteed state of the art.

The World Dream has 35 restaurants and bars with a catering concept specially geared to the Asian passengers. Various entertainment facilities such as a theatre, a great many virtual reality applications, climbing parts, casino and other outdoor activities offer a wide range of possibilities on board.

The ship has a rating of 151,300 GRT with 1,686 cabins for more than 3,376 passengers; it has a length of 335 metres and a breadth of 39.7 metres. It reaches a speed of more than 23 knots. Modern marine engines, improved hydrodynamics and numerous energy saving measures help to reduce the operating costs. Furthermore, the ship was also designed and built according to the latest safety regulations.

Main Characteristics of the World Dream

Tonnage151,300 gt
Overall Length 335.35 m
Width 39.7 m
Engine Capacity76,800 kW
Speed23,44 knots
Overall Cabins1,674
Number of Outside Cabins (incl. Suits)1,272