• Celebrity Reflection

    The steel cutting marked the beginning of the construction of the Celebrity Reflection in spring 2011. It was the fifth ship of the Solstice Class that MEYER WERFT built for the cruise company Celebrity Cruises. In autumn 2012 the cruise ship was delivered to Celebrity Cruises. With this, the cruise company’s Solstice-class is now complete.

  • Celebrity Silhouette

    The cruise ship Celebrity Silhouette left the harbor basin of MEYER WERFT in the end of July 2011 and began its journey to Eemshaven. Shortly before, the ship was the spectacular backdrop for events like the 3. Solar Boat Contest of the MEYER WERFT and the NDR 2 Papenburg Festival.

  • Celebrity Eclipse

    The Celebrity Eclipse is the third Soliste-class cruise ship built in Papenburg for Celibrity Cruises. Regarding the naming, the Celebrity Eclipse continues the series of her sister ships and adds the „Eclipse“ to the „ Equinox“ and the „Solstice“.

  • Celebrity Equinox

    The Celebrity Equinox is the second ship out of a series of five cruise ships MEYER WERFT is building for Celebrity Cruises. Just like her sister ship, the Celebrity Solstice, the Equinox is equipped with particular environmental-friendly systems.

  • Celebrity Solstice

    The Celebrity Solstice is the first ship of a line of five cruise liners which is built by MEYER WERFT for Celebrity Cruises. Its total length of 315 meters is almost three times as long as a soccer field.

  • Mercury and Galaxy

    The Galaxy was delivered in 1996, the Mercury followed one year later. Due to the fact that both ships were delivered shortly after another, they are both equipped similarly: They both combine traditional and the modern elements inside.

  • Century

    The Century is the oldest among the three Century-class sister ships and was delivered to the owner in 1995. Ten years later it underwent a complete overhaul to meet the state-of-the-art.

  • Horizon and Zenith

    MEYER WERFT delivered these two sister ship to the American cruise operator Celebrity Cruises in 1990 and 1992. Both ships offer a great deal of comfort and elegant ambience.