Harpain Reederei

In 2006, the shipping company Harpain Reederei GmbH & Co. KG from Hamburg, a joint enterprise of the Harpain Shipping GmbH and the Hansa Hamburg Shipping GmbH & Co KG, engaged MEYER WERFT with the construction of four ethylene-/LPG carriers.

The tankers have an overall length of 154.9 m, a breadth of 22.70 m, and a cargo capacity of 17,000 m3. They will be able to operate at a speed of 17 knots. Fully loaded with ethylene cooled down to minus 104°C, the ships will have a draught of 8.10 m. In addition to ethylene, the tankers will also be able to carry vinyl chloride monomer, ammonia and propylene oxide, cooled down to minus 48° C. The GASCHEM NORDSEE and the GASCHEM PACIFIC were delivered in 2009. The GASCHEM ADRIATIC and the GASCHEM ANTARCTIC followed in 2010.

By delivering the fourth gas tanker of this series, the GASCHEM ANTARCTIC, MEYER WERFT has delivered her 55th gas tanker.