Gas- and Chemical Tankers

The best way to transport gases is in liquid form. Gases are liquefied by means of cooling or overpressure. Liquefied gases can be transported merely on special-purpose ships, so called LPG/LEG tankers.

On MEYER WERFT more than 50 gas tankers for transporting liquid gases and chemicals were built since 1961. The shipyard has specialized early on building such ships and is ever since a top address for construction such LPG-tankers.

These ships are almost floating chemical plants, looking at the complex technology of the gas plant, the tanks and the piping system. Shipyard staff involved in the construction of the ships needs special know-how, not only in terms of construction, but also when it comes to commissioning. Due to experience and production plants, MEYER WERFT is today capable of offering gas tankers of every type and size up to 100.000 m3.

MEYER WERFT also gained a wealth of experience and expertise when building over 500 pressure vessels and gas tanks. This competence enables MEYER WERFT to build gas tanks from a large variety of materials and for all kinds of fields of applications.