Anthony Veder

In January 2011, the Dutch shipping company Anthony Veder (Rotterdam) commissioned MEYER WERFT to build a new LNG gas tanker. This gas tanker for the transportation of LNG (liquefied natural gas) measures approx. 155 metres in length and 22.70 m in breadth. The ship has a cargo capacity of 15,600 m³ LNG which is cooled to minus 164°C during transport. This modern tanker named Coral Energy operates with an environmentally friendly dual fuel engine that complies with the strictest environmental standards. Furthermore, the auxiliary boosters consist of purely gas-driven engines that run only on LNG. The extremely low exhaust gas values achieved when a ship runs on liquefied natural gas make it one of the most environmentally friendly vessels of its kind and keep it well below the limit values for the Baltic.

Coral Energy was delivered at the end of 2012. Our affiliated company NEPTUN WERFT in Rostock was involved in the construction and particularly in the outfitting of this special ship.

In addition to the more than 40 LPG and LEG tankers completed and delivered by MEYER WERFT, the Coral Energy was the shipyard's first LNG tanker. MEYER WERFT still sees great future potential in the market with smaller ships operating as LNG carriers.