• Successful Cooperation

    The business relationship to Indonesia already exists since the 1950s. MEYER WERFT has indeed built the worldwide biggest series of passenger ships for the insular state Indonesia from 1983 to 2008.

  • Gunung Dempo

    The Gunung Dempo is the 24th ship built for Indonesia by MEYER WERFT. She consists of 18 steel blocks, each having a weight of more than 100 tons. The first block weighed 133 tons and was put into place in the building dock by a crane having a lifting capacity of 600 tons.

  • Labobar

    The Labobar is the 23rd passenger ship MEYER WERFT built for Indonesia. It was delivered to the insular state in June 2004. Prominent godmother for this ship was the Indonesian Minister for Women's Affairs, Sri Rejeki Sumaryoto.

  • Kerinci

    The Kerinci was the prototype of a series of passenger ships that were built by MEYER WERFT in the 80ties. The shipyard’s specialists have constructed her especially for the operation in tropical waters. She succeeded in an international tender against well-known competitors.