Successful Cooperation

The business relationship to Indonesia already exists since the 1950s. MEYER WERFT has indeed built the worldwide biggest series of passenger ships for the insular state Indonesia from 1983 to 2008.

24 ships are meanwhile operating in a scheduled service between the islands and have thus improved the infrastructure tremendously. The passenger ships can carry more than 2.000 passengers in up to five different classes.

There has been a close and constant cooperation between MEYER WERFT and Indonesia for many years. Due to an agreement about technical assistance, shipbuilders of PT.PAL in Surabaya came to Papenburg. In cooperation with MEYER WERFT engineers, a ship for 500 passengers was designed. The first ship of this type entered into service in 1995 in the PT.PAL shipyard. Two more ships were constructed there with the support of MEYER WERFT, who also delivered the "material packages" such as technical systems and components for these new ships.