Container Ships

MEYER WERFT manufactured an innovative quartet for the issuing house Hansa Hamburg Shipping International: Eilbek, Reinbek, Flottbek and Barmbek. The order for the construction of these new and innovative container ships was placed in October 2003. All four ships were delivered in the course of 2005.

The fast and slender ships are 169 meters long, 27,2 meters wide and can operate at a speed of 20 knots. The ships are having a tonnage of 15.600 gt and provide room for 1.600 containers (1.600 TEU).

The technical special feature of these ships originates on the one hand from the maximum ice-class (Finish-Swedish 1A Super) and on the other hand from the special arrangement of the hatches. As so called „open-top-ships“, the middle area of the ships as well as the side- and front area is equipped with hatch covers. This new concept allows maximum flexibility when it comes to use the ships for Feeder transport – hence as supplier for the very large container ships.

The cargo hold has a triple longitudinal division, and the superstructure holds six passenger cabins. While on previous ships the fuel bunker was provided in the double bottom or double shell, it is now foreseen inside the ship. In case of a collision oil which may leak out will not spill into the water and will hence not pollute the environment.

Ships for Hansa Hamburg Shipping International

  • MS Eilbek

    MEYER WERFT delivered the first 1600-TEU container ship on 6th January 2005. "Building this ship at a German shipyard, and sailing under the German flag, with Hamburg as port of registry, underlines our commitment to Germany as a location for shipbuilding and shipping," said Hansa Hamburg's CEO, Harald Block.

    Just as her sisters, the Eilbek has a length overall of 169 m and a breadth of 27 m. The ship has been chartered by the Wappen-Reederei in Hamburg. Next to the crew of seven, also seven passengers can travel on board.


  • MS Reinbek

    The Reinbek is the second of the four new container ships with a cargo capacity of 1620 containers (TEU). Like the other ships of this series, the Reinbek is equipped with a two-stroke MAN B&W diesel engine. In addition, the ship has one deck that is intended for up to eight passengers.

    MEYER WERFT delivered the MS Reinbek to Hansa Hamburg Shipping International in March 2005. Like the Eilbek, the Reinbeck was christened in Hamburg. Inge Stiebel (Stiebel-Eltron) was her godmother at the launching ceremony. The 1600 TEU ship was chartered by the Canadian shipping company CP Ships and is operating between Canada and north-west Europe.


  • MS Flottbek

    The MS Flottbek is one of the four container ships that are identical in construction and that MEYER WERFT delivered to Hansa International Shippling in 2005.

    On 5 May 2005 - the 816th anniversary of the port of Hamburg - the MS Flottbek arrived in the port of Hamburg while the German national anthem was played. A big crowd was watching the parade from the Landungsbrücken-pier. However, it was only a very short appearance since the very next day the MS Flottbek was on her way to Antwerp to load the first containers for CP Ships, from where she set out to cross the Atlantic for Montreal.


  • MS Barmbek

    As fourth ship of the new type, the container ship Barmbek of MEYER WERFT was presented in a very special manner on 25th/26th June 2005: MEYER WERFT transferred for the first time two ships at the same time. Two hours after the delivery of MS Barmbek, the luxury cruise liner Norwegian Jewel, being produced in Papenburg at the same time, left the shipyard.

    It was spectacular to see that the MS Barmbek accomplished the route with the bug forwards downstream the Ems passage, while the Norwegian Jewel did this backwards. The reason for the backwards drive was, that the forehead rotated marine screw propellers should scoop additional water under the hull. In spite of the new Ems barrier, helping to retain the river, the passage of new constructed cruise liners is still a precision job.