Delivery of Norwegian Pearl

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Eemshaven/Papenburg - On 28 November 2006 MEYER WERFT delivered the 93,500-gt cruise ship Norwegian Pearl to the cruise company Norwegian Cruise Line (Miami, USA) in the Dutch port of Eemshaven.

The Norwegian Pearl is the third ship out of a series of four the Papenburg shipyard is building for Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). The ship combines modern event gastronomy of NCL's concept of "freestyle cruising" with extravagant interior outfittings meeting state-of-the-art technical demands.

Along with its new design, the luxury liner offers the passengers numerous specialities and a great deal of convenience: Some 70 per cent of the cabins are outside cabins, with most of them having their own balconies. Moreover, with its 1,100 crew, NCL offers the passengers outstanding service.

Both safety and entertainment meet the latest technical standards ensured by the diesel-electric pod propulsion system, interactive communication systems and sophisticated stage technology.

Upon delivery to the Owner, the Norwegian Pearl will leave the Dutch port of Eemshaven for Rotterdam from where she will set out on a mini-cruise with 2,000 passengers to Southampton. On 2 December she will start her transatlantic crossing from Southampton to Miami where she will be named on 16 December. Godmother of the ship will be the American talk show host Rosie O'Donnell.

Norwegian Pearl - Main Particulars

Dimension93,500 gt
Length overall294.13 m
Moulded breadth32.2 m
Number of decks15
Draught8.30 m
Deadweight7,500 t
Engine output totally72,000 kW approx. 100.000 hp
Propulsion power39,000 kW = 53,000 hp
Speed25 Kt.
Number of passengers 2,394
Number of passenger cabins 1,197
Number of outside cabins (including suites) 792
Number of inside cabins405
Crewapprox. 1,100
Number of theatre seats 1,042
Number of restaurants10
Number of bars/lounges13
Total weight of applied paintapprox. 220 t
Total length of laid cables2,154 km
Total length of laid pipes212 km
Flag Bahamas
Classification Det Norske Veritas 1A1 "Passenger Ship" ECO CLEAN

The ship was designed in close cooperation with the Owner, and was optimised by means of computer calculations and towing tests. Thanks to its slender outlines the ship, with its 15 decks and a pod propulsion system, has outstanding manoeuvring and sea-keeping capabilities as well as low noise and vibration levels


Cabins There are 1,197 passenger cabins on the Norwegian Pearl, 405 of which are inside and 792 outside cabins. Various cabin categories are available, among them 44 suites and 132 mini suites.

Suites The Norwegian Pearl has plenty of suites that are unparalleled. Suites for feeling at home, perfectly tailored to the guests' needs.

Garden Villa Suites: These two unique suites, each 311 sqm large, exceed all expectations. Living room, dining room and three separate bedrooms, each having its own luxury bathroom. Moreover the master bedroom is equipped with a full bath including Jacuzzi and separate shower. Each villa has its own garden (with Jacuzzi and sauna) and sundeck, offering a breathtaking panoramic view.

Owner's Suites These suites are 77 sqm each, with living room, two balconies, dining room, separate bedroom with king-size bed, minibar, luxury bathroom including Jacuzzi bathtub and separate shower. Direct access is provided from both suites to the exclusive "Concierge Lounge" (deck 14) featuring a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sundeck in a separated outside deck area.

Penthouse Suites Spacious suites, each with balcony, dining room, separate bedroom and luxury bathroom including Jacuzzi, bathtub and separate shower as well as butler and concierge service (approx. 51 sqm).

Courtyard Villa (Deck 14) Living quarters with dedicated balcony, dining area, separate bedroom with queen-size bed, separate children's room, CD/DVD collection. One bedroom is equipped with a luxury bathroom with Jacuzzi bathtub and separate shower. Butler and concierge service are also included. The Courtyard Villas also comprise the extravagant "Concierge Lounge" (deck 14) with swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sundeck in a separated outside deck area.

Mini-Suites Each of these suites has a living quarters, a dedicated balcony, an elegant bathroom with bathtub and shower (approx. 26 sqm).

Cabins The cabins are subdivided in inside, outside and balcony cabins. They have their own bathrooms, colour TV sets, phones, safes, fridges, hairdryers, separate temperature control units and Internet connections. There are also 27 disabled cabins that vary in terms of outfitting.

All told, the following cabins/suites are on board:

Garden Villa


Owner's / Top-Suites


Penthouse Suite




Cabins with balconies


Outside cabins


Disabled cabins, outside (with balconies)


Disabled cabins, outside (with windows)


Disabled cabins, inside


Inside cabins


Public rooms

"Crystal Atrium and Java Café" (Decks 7-8) The heart of the ship. It is here at the reception desk where the first rendezvous between the passenger and the cruise liner takes place. Java Café on deck 7 serves the most selective coffees. In the Port O' Call shop one can shop small items, and in the opposite "Shore Excursions" one can book just that, namely shore excursions. A large LED video wall on deck 8 informs on the latest events and shows. Other areas on deck 8 offer the passengers snacks and other culinaries "24/7". The room design of the Salsa/Texmex area on starboard side differs from that of the Coffee Shop on port side. The ambience of this area is topped off by the icicle ceiling on deck 8.

"Stardust Theatre" and "Meeting Rooms" (Decks 5-7) The theatre, stretching over three decks, is accommodated in the foreship. Famous Broadway shows, musicals and plays feature an atmosphere from classical opera house to modern music hall. The theatre is accessed through the beautiful arcades. The theatre offers more than 1,000 seats. With its state-of-the-art stage technology, it bears comparison with renowned theatres ashore.

In the adjacent area the extravagant conference rooms are accommodated, some of which can be combined with each other.

"Pearl Club Casino" (Deck 6) The casino of the Norwegian Pearl has everything that makes a gambler happy. Next to 17 blackjack tables there is mini baccara, roulette, dice and poker. 212 slot machines are also available. Numerous gambling machines are integrated in the counter of the large Casino bar.

"Magnum's Champagne and Wine Bar," "Shakers Martini and Cocktail Bar," "Corona Cigar Club" and "Maltings Beer and Whisky Bar" (Deck 6) International drinks and finest cigars are offered to the passengers in "Bar City." The luxury flair of the room is heightened by music played live by the piano man. This spacious room is open up to deck 7. Its highlight is the illuminated glass ceiling. The cigar lounge is located in way of "Le Bistro." The champagne bar and the cocktail bar are found in the centre of the room. In the back the beer and whisky bar are accommodated. Thanks to this arrangement each guest may enjoy their drink of choice.

"Le Bistro" (Deck 6) One of the main restaurants is located on deck 6. Next to the "Summer Palace" it is the smaller restaurant and offers seating for more than 300 guests. As this restaurant is connected directly to the main galley, prompt and smooth serving of the food is ensured.

"Summer Palace" (Deck 6) The design of this main restaurant is reminiscent of a large Russian tsar's palace. What makes this restaurant extremely striking is the design of the stern window that stretches over the full width of the room. What is also remarkable is the sophisticated main stairway at the central entrance to the room. Exclusive 6-course menus are prepared by skilful chefs. Seating for 600 guests is provided.

"Bliss Ultra Lounge & Night Club" (Bowling Alley-Deck 7) This is the very first time that four entire bowling alleys have been installed on a cruise ship. The bowling alleys form part of an innovative Sports Bar and Lounge complex that is open 24 hours. During the day the Sports Bar stands out for its bowling alleys, flatscreen TVs for broadcasting sports events as well as video games. In the evening, however, the scenery changes to a modern lounge having a spacious dance floor, DJ and a large bar. The colourful design in red, blue and pink and the modern furnishing are a contribution to the special ambience.

"Lotus Garden" (Deck 7) Take a trip to the Asian gourmet cuisine. At the Sushi or Teppanayaki Bar the passenger can choose from Japanese, Thai or Chinese food. At the Teppanyaki Bar the chef prepares delicious meals right in front of the passengers at the hot plate. Selected seafood is offered at the Sushi Bar. At the Sake Bar the passenger scan try extraordinary Asian drinks.

"Photo Gallery" (Deck 7) In the onboard photo shop the results of the ship photographer's work are put on display. Some 5,000 photos are shown in the various displays which the passengers may have a look at or buy. Get a photo of yourself in the portrait corner, if you like. Equipment for one's own photo session is also available.

"Art Gallery and Internet Café" (Deck 7) What you will also find on deck 7 is an exhibition and auction house of a special kind. Pieces of art are exhibited, sold and auctioned. This area also holds the Internet Café from which the passengers, via the Internet, may get in touch with the loved ones at home, for example, from any place in the world.

"Trade Routes Boutiques Tax & Duty-Free (Deck 7) The onboard shopping zone: "shop till you drop" on 500 sqm. Whatever the passenger needs on a cruise can be found in the Galleria. Selected perfumes, souvenirs, fine clothes, state-of-the-art photo and video equipment and everything else for the shore excursion are on offer.

"South Pacific Spa and Beauty Salon," "Body Waves Fitness Centre" (Deck 12) The recreation area offers the passengers a fine-tuned wellness programme. One part is extremely well equipped with hydro pool, Jacuzzi, Rasul bath, saunas, steam baths and event showers. The passengers may enjoy professional therapeutic treatment in one of the 15 separate massage rooms. The hairdresser's is situated in way of the reception desk of the Heath Club. A large fitness area holds treadmills and other sports equipment as well as an aerobic room featuring a high-tech sound system.

"The Library," "Card Room," "Lifestyle Room" (Deck 12) In the Library the passengers can take their time and read books, as opposed to all the other modern means of communication. Reading is still popular on modern ships like this one. The Card Room adjacent to the Library, and the Lifestyle Room are used for parlour games, such as chess, backgammon, Mah-jong or card-games.

"Tahitian Pool" and "Kids Outdoor" (Deck 12) The ship's main pool area comprises two large swimming pools and four Jacuzzis. Sundeck areas are provided on different levels. Caribbean snacks and cocktails are available at "The Grill" and "Topsiders" on deck 12 and at the "Sky High Bar" on deck 13. Big water slides are there to have fun, at the same time the passengers have an impressive view over the entire onboard pool area. A climbing wall is provided at the ship's funnel on deck 15. In the aftship area on port side there is a dedicated pool area for children, including slide and paddling pool.

"Garden Café," "Kids Café" (deck 12) In the cafeteria on deck 12 the passengers may select from a wide variety of food and drinks. Island-type counters provide whatever delicious meal one can think of. The grill counter on port side is certainly the highlight of this area. In this easy-going atmosphere it is a pleasure for the passengers to enjoy the meal. A pleasantly coloured room offers a beautiful view of the sea. To meet the special demands of the little passengers, there is the "Kids Counter" having chairs and tables suitable for children. It is also possible to eat "alfresco" on the outside terrace of the Garden Café.

"Aqua Kids Club," " Metro Center" The ship offers everything to make the cruise interesting and eventful for the little ones. Painting and craft corners, play tables, monkey bars and bouncing equipment are there to discover. Little children and teenagers have their own cinema, while the latter also have a separate disco and a video arcade.

"La Cucina Italian Restaurant" (Deck 12) Here, in a nostalgic tavern atmosphere, the passengers can enjoy Italian cuisine with a bottle of wine, coming with a wonderful view of the sea through the panorama window. Both rustic furniture and carefully selected colours add up to the Mediterranean flair, which is topped of by selected food.

"Spinnaker Lounge" and "The Chapel" (Deck 13) A panorama lounge with conservatory character is located on the "roof" of the ship in the forward section. During the day, this lounge is a place to enjoy the view, while at night it transforms into a dance bar. In the room centre there is a stage for different kinds of artists. On the port side entrance the Chapel is located in which many a "maritime" marriage ceremony is held.

"Cagney's Steakhouse" and "Star Bar" (Deck 13) Another speciality restaurant on board is the Steakhouse where the passengers are served the finest meat dishes. The restaurant has its own grill where the steaks are freshly prepared for the guests to see. You can have a drink in a separate bar accommodated in the forward part of the restaurant while enjoying the view of the pool area.

Staircases Each of the three staircases has four elevators.

Engineering, Supply and Disposal SystemsSafety Systems

The Norwegian Pearl is subdivided in seven main fire zones. She has the status of a two-compartment ship and her design meets the latest IMO regulations. The ship is equipped with six tender boats and 14 rescue boats as well as two so-called fast rescue boats. What is also installed onboard are four so-called "marine evacuation systems," which are emergency slides that ensure quick and safe evacuation in case of emergency.

Propulsion System and Power Supply Five diesel generators, each having an output of 14,400 kW, ensure power generation on board. The diesel engines, type MAN B&W 12V48/60B, can be operated with both diesel oil or heavy-fuel oil. What is new about the engines is especially the reduced rate of pollution and decreased consumption. All engines for the NCL ships have incorporated the so-called IS (invisible smoke) technology. With the ship operating under load, no exhaust smoke is visible. This is an outstanding feature for cruise ships. Moreover the MAN B&W engines are designed according to the eco-friendly, reduced nitrogen oxide principle thanks to fuel-water-emulsion injection. Injecting water into the combustion chamber decreases the temperature peaks during the combustion process, hence massively reducing the nitrogen oxide contents in the exhaust fumes.

The generators, supplied by ABB, produce a 11,000 v and ensure the ship's power supply, for instance for consumers such as air conditioning system, thrusters, illumination etc, but also two Azipods with an output of 19,500 kW each. The Azipods can be turned in a 360° radius, hence making the ship extremely well manoeuvrable. On top of that, this propulsion system ensures an extremely silent and smooth operation as well a very low level of vibration on board.

Automation System Control and monitoring of all technical plants and systems are integrated in the ship's automation system. Its structure is redundant and de-centralised, and plenty of "workstations" are provided where technical data can be retrieved or functions can be implemented.

Integrated Navigation and Command System The Norwegian Pearl is operated by means of an integrated navigation and command system, type. NACOS 65-4 made by SAM Atlas Marine Electronics. This system contains all elements required for safe and comfortable navigation even on high-traffic and narrow shipping routes. Its main components are the two mulitpilots displaying on one screen radar, electronic sea chart and crucial data of the ship. The entire bridge equipment is fitted with high-resolution colour monitors, which help the navigator considerably defining the various symbols used.

Stage Equipment The theatre features a sophisticated stage equipment. The understage consists a turning platform. Moreover six lifts adjustable to the stage level have been installed. The upperstage comprises 11 hoists, three of which serve for effect lighting, and eight rail systems for curtains. The complete equipment is computer-controlled and can be operated from different positions.

TV System The Norwegian Pearl is equipped with an interactive antenna network in ATM technology featuring glassfibre cables and CAT5 cables. Hence the passengers may "create" their own TV programmes (Pay-TV, teleshopping etc.)

Manoeuvring Aids To achieve an optimum manoeuvrability the Norwegian Pearl has been fitted with two Azipods (see Propulsion System and Power Supply) and three bow thrusters, all of which can be operated via a joystick. The ship can also be steered by means of a dynamic positioning (DP) system. When this happens, the ship always keeps the defined position and can be berthed alongside a pier automatically, for instance.

Galleys Seven galleys and various pantries and bars on board are provided to serve both the passengers and the crew. Next to the bakery on deck 3 and the main galley on deck 6 there is a crew galley on deck 5, a Chinese galley on deck 6, a Japanese galley on deck 7 and the so-called Lido galley on deck 12.All areas in which food is processed meet the strict requirements of the American "U.S Public Health Authority (USPH)." To make sure that foodstuff is stored more quickly while the ship calls in ports only for a short period, coldstores and other stores are designed in such away that they can be accessed by electrically driven hand lift trucks.

Water Supply and Disposal Up to 2,7000,000 litres/day of potable water can be generated on board of the Norwegian Pearl. This happens via three evaporators and a reverse osmosis plant. To ensure that water is used as economically as possible, certain technical provisions have been made. For instance, the condensed water produced in the air conditioning system is collected and then further used as service water for the laundry. The hot water cycle is heated by means of steam. Moreover, the ship can also take potable water on board from ashore via the bunker stations.

Waste Water System All the blackwater is led to four vacuum systems through a piping network, and can be stored intermediately, if so required, in dedicated tanks. Blackwater and greywater are reprocessed in a biological-chemical manner inside a bio-reactor, and is then dissipated again as service water. The clearing sludge generated in the process is dried and burnt in the onboard waste incinerator.