Clipper Harald launched

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Second gas tanker for MEYER WERFT to be launched at Emden

Emden/Papenburg, 15.01.1999 - Today the second gas tanker is launched at Thyssen Nordseewerke GmbH (TNSW) of Emden. The gas carrier is under construction at the Emden shipyard on behalf of the MEYER WERFT shipyard of Papenburg. The ship for the Norwegian shipowners Solvang ASA will later be named Clipper Harald. As for the previous tanker, the gas tanks for this newbuilding were also built by MEYER WERFT and inserted into the ship´s hull constructed at TNSW in Emden. In March this year the ship will be transferred to Papenburg for final completion including the installation of the cargo handling plant. The deckhouse, which is supplied by Neptun Industrie of Rostock, and the pump house from SSW/Bremerhaven will be fitted after the launch at Emden. The gas tanker will have an overall length of 146 m, a breadth of 20.50 m, a cargo tank volume of 12,660 m³ and will be capable of a speed of 18 knots. Among other products the ship is able to carry ethylene, vinyl chloride monomer, ammonia and propylene oxide. The cooperation between the two shipyards on the River Ems - TNSW and MEYER WERFT - in completing the two ships was and is supported by many local suppliers, including Janssen of Aurich who supplied the complete electronic equipment, Kaefer of Bremen who undertook the insulation of the gas tanks and - as for almost all Meyer newbuildings - Emder Schiffsausrüstung who provides various sorts of maritime equipment.